Enjoy a Luxurious Valentine’s Day with Hypoallergenic Silk Sheets

Valentine's Day Silk SheetsPicture this. It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’ve thought of everything. Flowers? Got ‘em. Elegant dinner? Devoured. Indulgent dessert? Savored. Now, it’s time for a nightcap. If you’re an allergy-sufferer, consider using Kumi Kookoon bedding—made of high-quality charmeuse silk—to provide a luxurious setting for evening’s end without the threat of allergy-inducing dust mites.

An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from dust mite allergies. These microscopic organisms often take up residence in and around your bed and pillows to be closer to their food source—your dead skin cells! While actual dust mites do not produce allergic reactions in humans, their waste products can make your bed uninviting and restful sleep a distant memory.

Kumi Kookoon Velvet Silk Throw BlanketTo ensure that your special someone is the only one you are getting cozy with at the end of the night, layer your bed in the softest silk sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers from Kumi Kookoon. The line even includes a silk velvet throw blanket perfect for snuggling on the sofa. Made from all-natural fibers, Kumi Kookoon bedding naturally repels dust mites, particles, and moisture. This creates a healthy, dry environment, which is great for allergy-sufferers in general as well as people with asthma, arthritis, and joint pain.

To learn more about the benefits of hypoallergenic bedding and dust mite prevention, check out these two great articles from our Learning Center:

 *UPDATE: We no longer carry the Kumi Kookoon sheets, but consider our Crescent Moon bedding as an allergy-friendly option. Made of 100% organic cotton, Crescent Moon duvets, pillows, and mattress pads protect against dust mites and other allergens.

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