June Air Quality Evangelists

Air Quality EvangelistsLet’s face it: we don’t always have all the answers. Here at Sylvane, we know a lot about appliances that treat indoor environments.  We can tell you which dehumidifier or air purifier would work best for your space. But when it comes to the wide world of air quality, we often have to do our own research to stay on top of things.

Where do we look for information? Air Quality Evangelists.

Air Quality Evangelists are bloggers, writers and website owners who demonstrate a passion for clean, healthy air. Their sites contain reliable information about air quality – from personal accounts of living with chemical sensitivities to medical opinions about air treatment appliances. Each month, we feature a few of these Air Quality Evangelists on our blog.

We added a few more to the list!

Moms Rising Air Quality EvangelistMomsRising.org
MomsRising is a collaboration of mothers coming together to make an impact. They fight for critical issues facing women, mothers and families. One of their biggest causes (the “T” in their “M.O.T.H.E.R.S.” acronym) is Toxic-Free Families. On their website, you can learn about their campaign for safer chemicals in consumer products and read tips on how your family can live a non-toxic lifestyle.

Winning Post: Moms in North Carolina hosted a “Toxic-Free Kids Olympics” to highlight the need for legislation to get harmful chemicals out of the products we buy. The event featured games like “Jumping Through Hoops to Keep Your Family Safe” and “Toxic Tub Toy Toss.”

The Air Quality Blog - Air Quality EvangelistThe Air Quality
True to its name, The Air Quality is a blog about clean air and other environmental issues relating to air.

Winning Post: Concrete slabs that draw pollution out of the air are now used in the UK. Noxer concrete absorbs nitrogen oxide from the air, and a titanium layer mixes with sunlight to keep fumes from escaping. Will it last? Maybe. But the fact that it’s an option is exciting, and proof that air purification technology is advancing.

KBB Air Quality EvangelistKBB Online
Kitchen and Bath Business (K+BB) is a magazine for kitchen and bath designers, architects, custom builders, and remodelers. KBB Online articles deliver exclusive features on cutting-edge design and best practices. Indoor air quality is an important consideration when crafting kitchens and baths, so many articles offer tips on proper air ventilation.

Winning Post: Airing Out (and In) discusses ways kitchen and bath designers can help improve indoor air quality with ventilation fans, make-up air dampers, and central vacuum systems.

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