Keep Your Office Space Warm and Toasty with the QMark Work Warmer

QMark 202SLB Under Desk HeaterI’m pretty sure that my desk is located in some bitterly cold northern land. Although I see my co-workers using fans during the warm summer months and sitting comfortably jacketless during the cooler months, I’m not convinced that their desks are really in the same office building as mine. I am always cold. So when it’s time to test drive desk heaters, I am the first to volunteer. Recently, I tried out the QMark 202SLB Radiant Under Desk Heater.

At first glance, I thought there was no way that this QMark heater would fit underneath my desk. Beyond that, if it did fit, I thought surely it would cramp my space. I was pleasantly surprised when it fit neatly beneath my desk—with plenty of room to spare. QMark 202SLB Work Warmer In UseThe QMark 202SLB heater has two convenient placement options. I chose the quick and convenient stabilizing feet to securely place my heater on the floor. However, to conserve even more space under your desk, this lightweight (only eight pounds!) QMark radiant heater comes with sturdy velcro tape that allows for easy mounting to your desk.

Despite it’s deceptively thin appearance and multiple placement options, I was still wary of this desk heater. The heater’s next challenge: warming—not burning—my space. I pressed the On QMark Under Desk Heater Warming My Feetswitch, expecting to hear the whir fans and have a blast of heat engulf my legs. Once again, the QMark Work Warmer proved me wrong! Using its unique crystalline surface, this compact heater emitted gentle radiant heat that kept me comfortably warm all day, despite my cold surroundings.

Since the QMark Under-Desk heater doesn’t use a fan to distribute heat throughout your workspace, it is exceptionally quiet and won’t stir up pollen or dust particles that may aggravate allergy symptoms. For peace of mind, this radiant heater has no exposed elements, an automatic tip-over safety switch, and a polarized plug for electrical shock protection.

If your desk, counter, hobby table, sewing table, or any other small area needs a little extra warmth, the QMark 202SLB Under Desk heater is a great option. With its sleek streamlined design, quiet operation, and gentle, safe radiant heat distribution, the Work Warmer turned this naysayer into a fan!

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  1. SaneTom

    Very nice information and is very much appreciated.I have also subscribed the RSS of the website to get regular updates for more information regarding Qmark Heaters

  2. Curious

    Curious, I have read all the benefits or radiant heating, but do you get burned if your leg brushes against the heater as it would be in close proximity to your legs.

  3. Great question! This model is cool-to-the-touch so it won’t burn you if you accidentally brush against it. Feel free to call us at 1-800-934-9194 with any other questions!

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