Kumi Kookoon Bedding Review

Kumi Kookoon Bedding If you’ve never slept on genuine silk bedding, you don’t know what you’re missing! Kumi Kookoon bedding is made from the highest quality charmeuse silk, which drapes you in silky smooth comfort.

My favorite thing about silk sheets is the way they feel. I tend to get hot when I’m sleeping, but Kumi Kookoon bedding doesn’t trap body heat. It’s very light against the skin, and it wicks moisture away from the body.

My second favorite thing about Kumi Kookoon bedding is that it’s naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold, mildew, and odors. The silk absorbs moisture so well that dust mites and mold cannot grow on it.

Silk bedding also adds a whole new layer of visual elegance to my bedroom. You can choose from over 20 rich colors, so you’re sure to find something to match your décor.

My only negative comment is that Kumi Kookoon bedding must be dry-cleaned, and I normally don’t make trips to the dry-cleaner. The good news is that since it absorbs mositure so well and is naturally hypoallergenic, you don’t need to wash Kumi Kookoon bedding as frequently as cotton bedding – but when it’s time for a wash, you have to take it to the dry-cleaner. Because of this slight inconvenience associated with an otherwise exemplary product, I give Kumi Kookoon bedding four out of five stars.

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  1. M.B.

    Thank you for your wonderful review. I have been avoiding buying silk bedding/sheets/duvet, duvet covers for many years because I think dry clean sheets is not hygenic. I don’t mind to dry clean matelasses, and silk comforters, but I am paranoid about dry clean sheets. I am concerned to get too hot.

    after 10 years, I still avoiding silk sheets because dry cleaning ONLY.

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