Leading Consumer Reporting Agency Recommends Sylvane Air Purifiers

Trophy ImageDid you know that part of the Sylvane story began with our company president’s severe tree pollen allergy? Steven Hong was searching for allergy treatment options to combine with immunotherapy and medications when he began researching the benefits of air purifiers. After purchasing his first air purifier, an Austin Air Healthmate, Hong was overwhelmed with the positive results he experienced using it. He immediately began researching other high-quality air purifiers, talking to vendors, developing a Web site, and—voila! In 2000, Sylvane.com was born.

Providing exceptional-quality air purifiers has been one of the cornerstones of Sylvane. In fact, a leading consumer reporting agency recently recommended two air purifiers that we carry: the Whirlpool AP51030K and the Hunter 30547. These air purifiers were recommended because they offer a great combination of performance, features, and value.

Whirlpool Whispure 510 Air PurifierOf the 20 portable air purifiers evaluated, the Whirlpool AP51030K—also known as the Whispure 510—received the highest overall score. This Whirlpool air purifier received a score of Excellent for dust, pollen, and smoke removal when operating on the highest setting and a score of Very Good on the lowest setting. It also received Very Good and Good rankings for noise on Low and High speed settings, respectively.

Hunter PermaLife 30547 Air PurifierReceiving the second highest score was the Hunter PermaLife 30547. This air purifier also received an Excellent rank for dust, pollen, and smoke removal using it’s highest setting, as well as a Very Good rank for its lowest setting. The Hunter PermaLife also received a Very Good rank for noise on its lowest speed setting. However, on the highest speed setting, the PermaLife only received a rank of Fair. This shortcoming is somewhat balanced out by this Hunter air purifier‘s exceptionally low annual filter cost, which is only $50. This is in stark contrast to many of the air purifiers surveyed, which had annual filter costs of well over $100.

If you have severe allergies, asthma, or just want cleaner air in your home, check out our extensive offering of air purifiers. To find out which air purifier is best suited for your needs, visit the air purifier section of our Learning Center.

For a free consultation, you can also give one of our knowledgeable air treatment specialists a call at 1-800-934-9194.

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