Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

EnergySavvy.comLike most people, I am always looking for ways to save money, take advantage of tax rebates, and be a better global citizen. Recently, I found this awesome website that is filled with advice, information, and resources for helping make your home more energy efficient. is a comprehensive website created to help people find the answers they are looking for regarding home energy use.

This site offers a section to help you figure out which rebates, tax credits, incentives, and loans are available to you, as well as a tool to help you calculate your home’s energy score. also includes topics on energy audits, basic home energy efficiency, guides to efficient upgrades, and industry certification explanations. There is even a section to help you connect with qualified energy contractors to ensure that additional construction to your home is done properly and is compliant with green building standards. So, if you are considering green renovations to your home, hop over and see how this site can help you.

Check out this video that the team created about Obama’s proposed HOMESTAR program. I have to agree with the President, insulation is sexy, and it can help you improve indoor air quality.

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