March Air Quality Evangelists

Air Quality EvangelistsLast month, we announced the launch of our new Air Quality Evangelist program. The goal of this project is to celebrate other blogs and websites that appreciate good air quality and provide insight on how you can improve yours.

Now it’s time to announce this month’s Air Quality Evangelists!

SafeMama SafeMama

Kathy Scoleri is a web designer, author, and mother of two boys. When she was expecting her first child in 2007 – and spending hours researching Bisphenol-A, hormone mimicking chemicals, and toy recalls – she knew she couldn’t be the only parent scouring the web for this information. So she created SafeMama to keep it all in one place.

Winning Post: There are many choices you can make to Keep Toxic Chemicals Out Of Your Home. In this article, SafeMama hits some major points – from losing the shoes while inside to using HEPA-filtered vacuums.

Mom Goes Green Mom Goes Green

Follow Doreen, a wife and mother of 2, as she tries to make this world a greener place through eco-friendly habits. Her refreshingly honest blog Mom Goes Green offers tips about greening your own life, and doesn’t skip the reality of how difficult it can sometimes be to make green choices.

Winning Post: Avoid the pitfalls of using harmful (but often tempting) commercial cleaners with these Green Spring Cleaning Tips.


Rodale Rodale

A publisher of some of the best-known health and wellness magazines (Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, and Organic Gardening, to name a few), Rodale provides news and information about health and the environment. was launched on Earth Day 2009 with the tagline “where health meets green.”

Winning Post: When it comes to eliminating chemicals in your home, where do you start? With the 3 Biggest Sources of Chemicals in Your Home.


allergist mommyAllergist Mommy

Get a physician’s perspective on parenting children with allergies. Dr. Sakina Bajowala is a board-certified pediatrician, allergist, and immunologist. Her blog Allergist Mommy offers some helpful guidance on living with allergies, parenting kids with allergies, and “keeping it all together when all she really wants is a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.”

Winning Post: How can you tell if it’s a cold or seasonal allergies? Check for these Lesser-Known Symptoms of Environmental Allergies.

If you missed February’s Air Quality Evangelists, check them out for more resources on creating a clean, healthy indoor environment.

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