Meet the New Oransi v-hepa Finn Air Purifier

Oransi v-hepa Finn Air PurifierNow that the dreaded fall allergy season is upon us and you’ve likely heard the not-so-good news that allergy experts are predicting one of the worst allergy seasons yet, there’s a new air purifier on the block.

Meet the new Oransi v-hepa Finn Air Purifier.

On first glance, you’ll see the Oransi Finn as a sleek tower air cleaner with a remarkable ability to blend in with any almost any décor. With a modern design and neutral colors, you can immediately picture it anywhere in your home – next to your favorite reading chair, for instance. Yet, like most things, there is definitely more to it than meets the eye.

The Oransi v-hepa Finn’s true benefits lie in its advanced filtration system. It combines HEPA-level filtration with an odor-absorbing filter, germicidal light, and a fresh air boosting ionizer to produce allergy-friendly, particle-free air. Oransi can prove it too. In lab tests, Oransi engineers used a simple laser particle counter to illustrate how the number of small particles (0.3 to 0.5 microns) and large particles in the air (1 micron and larger) drop drastically as the Oransi Finn begins releasing filtered air.

Check out the video to see the results yourself.

This essentially means that the Oransi Finn lives up to its claims, removing more than 99% of all airborne particles from your delicate breathing space. In addition, using its built-in ultraviolet germicidal lamp, the v-hepa Finn is able to remove bacteria, fungus, and germs, including harmful E. coli, mold, and MS2, a bacterial virus, with each air pass. The Finn’s ionizer and a titanium dioxide-coated pre-filter further help to absorb odor-causing compounds and neutralize chemical odors. With so many elements to its filtration system, think of the Oransi Finn as giving your indoor air a good thorough scrubbing while your immune system reaps the benefits.

The Oransi v-hepa Finn Air Purifier also has some awesome advantages in maintenance and upkeep. Unlike conventional HEPA air purifiers, the Oransi Finn Air Purifier uses semi-permanent filters, including the pre-filter that lasts up to 8 months and the HEPA filter that lasts as long as 2 years. Both filters can be cleaned simply by vacuuming them with a brush attachment until it’s time for a replacement. A handy filter cleaning and replacement indicator lets you know exactly when that is.

Oransi Finn control panelThe Oransi Finn’s filtration technology is harnessed by a super-intuitive and easy to use digital control panel. Use the pushbuttons to choose one of three purification speeds, set the 8-hour countdown timer, and turn the UV lamp on and off. A subtle backlight illuminates the controls to help you navigate the panel even in the wee hours of the morning.

My favorite feature? When purifying on level one, the Oransi v-hepa Finn Air Purifier is exceptionally quiet. I’m not talking “white noise” quiet or refrigerator “hum” quiet. I mean, when I was testing it out yesterday, it was so quiet that I had to keep checking the control panel to see if it was still turned on. I couldn’t even tell. Speeds 2 and 3? Well, to be expected, those are a bit louder. However, they’re great for a temporary boost in air-cleaning power.

To learn more about this sure-to-be-award-winning air purifier, head on over to our Oransi v-hepa Finn Air Purifier page.

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