Meet the Oransi v-hepa Max Air Purifier

Oransi v-hepa Max Air Purifier
Since adding Oransi to the Sylvane product catalog, this eco-aware company has consistently provided innovative, budget-friendly air purifiers that customers love. This week’s product spotlight is on the new Oransi v-hepa Max Air Purifier.

The Oransi v-hepa Max is a high-efficiency air purifier designed to keep your air fresh and allergen-free in spaces up to 600 square feet. Thanks to a robust three-stage filtration system, the compact v-hepa Max is well-equipped to handle a variety of air quality issues—from pollen, dust, and bacteria removal to odor control.

First, the air is filtered through the washable pre-filter to remove large particles as well as to enhance the performance of the v-HEPA filter and the carbon filter. Then, air moves through a high-efficiency v-HEPA filter, which is rated to remove 99% of impurities as small as 0.3 microns. This includes pollen, bacteria, dust, dust mites, pet dander, and more. Next, the activated carbon filter traps chemicals, gases, cigarette smoke, and other unwanted household odors. Finally, rejuvenated air is distributed throughout your indoor environment.

To make the v-hepa Max’s filtration system even more effective, Oransi engineers added the v-lock system, which creates a seal to lock both the air filter and air filter cover into place, preventing any air from by-passing the filtration system. The v-seal adds an additional layer of insulation material around the edges of the filter media, further preventing air leakage.

What about ease of use? Like Oransi’s other products, the v-hepa Max air purifier is a breeze to operate. Simple push-button controls allow you to easily turn the air purifier off and on, set it to Auto mode, toggle between fan settings, and even set the timer. The v-hepa also features an intuitive air quality monitor that keeps track of the air quality in your room. When the air purifier is in Auto mode, the fan speed will adjust as necessary to maintain healthy air quality in the room.

Additionally, an electronic alert is displayed if you need to check the filters, and a color coded guide let’s you know when it is time to replace them. However, you don’t have to worry about frequent filter changes since Oransi bolstered the filter media to make them last longer. This doesn’t just free up time spent hassling with air filter replacement, it also frees up money in your wallet.

Speaking of budgeting, the Oransi v-hepa Max draws only 90 watts and is an Energy Star-qualified air purifier, which means that it operates more efficiently than similar air purifier models without sacrificing functionality. This makes it a low-cost machine to operate.

For more information, visit the Oransi v-hepa Max product page. To find out about the v-hepa Max’s sister air purifier, check out the upgraded Oransi v-hepa Plus product page.

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