Memorial Day Sale: Stay Cool and Save 10% Off Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, and More!

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for SummerYou’re preparing for another hot summer—and so are we! To be sure you’re ready for the summer heat, we’re offering 10% off ALL orders over $150 from May 25-May 27, 2013. This site-wide Memorial Day sale includes all products (except Miele products). Simply use the promo code MEM10.

Whether you’re looking for an air conditioner, dehumidifier, fan, or air purifier—or maybe a few of them—now is the time to buy! Here are a few products on sale this Memorial Day Weekend:

Air Conditioners
Save 10% on all types of air conditioners, whether you want a new window air conditioner, portable air conditioner, thru-wall air conditioner, or ductless mini-split system.

Friedrich, always leading the pack in room air conditioning, offers top-of-the-line window, thru-wall, and mini-split systems. Their popular Kuhl window ACs offer long-lasting, feature-packed designs. The quiet, energy-efficient models are easy to install and can be programmed 7 days a week. Multiple modes (including heat) are also available, as well as features like: programmable timers, automatic restart, adjustable louvers, and remote controls.
Ductless mini-splits offer efficient zone cooling and are quickly growing in popularity. Our mini-splits are also 10% off, and we have a wide selection of Friedrich mini-split ACs. Friedrich’s revolutionary Breeze mini-split models, which can be installed through a window and don’t require professional installation, are quickly becoming some of our most popular mini-splits. The single-zone ACs come in 2 sizes: a 24,000-BTU model for large spaces or 12,000 BTU model for small areas.

Portable ACs are common for people who don’t want a large window unit blocking their view. Their easy portability, low-profile designs, and wheels make them easy to move around your space. Soleus Air offers some of the most popular portable air conditioners on the market. In addition to offering spot cooling for bedrooms, sun rooms, and even server rooms, some models include heat and other additional modes. Convenience features include washable air filters, remote controls, multiple fan speeds, and programmable timers.


A lot of people don’t realize that removing excess moisture from your space can impact how your room feels—installing a dehumidifier can make a warm, clammy room feel cooler and more comfortable. They can also help eliminate unhealthy mold and mildew from areas of your home. All of our dehumidifiers (over $150) are included in our Memorial Day sale; just remember to use the promo code MEM10.

Our Danby dehumidifiers include a wide-range of models that work in areas from small bathrooms to large basements. All Danby dehumidifier models use electronic controls, multiple draining options, and automatic humidistats.

With our Memorial Day sale, you’ll save money and stay comfortable all summer without seeing your energy bills skyrocket. Click the links below to start your shopping (and saving!) now.

Remember to use the promo code MEM10 when checking out! We wish you and your family a happy and healthy Memorial Day weekend and a summer full of fresh, cool air!

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