Miele Marin Product Review: A New Way to Vacuum

marin-review-imageSince I started at Sylvane, I’ve been touting the Miele Marin as one of my favorite vacuums. It’s super easy to move around and you can choose between 3 carpet tools–depending on your home’s floors. When one of my co-workers, Kari, bought a new house that needed a little extra cleaning, I suggested she try the Marin. She was nice enough to take some photos and report back on her experience with this S8 canister vacuum. Check out her pictures and thoughts below:


The Marin has an attractive and durable metallic blue exterior. Kari’s home was cleaned before she moved in but not as clean as she thought it would be. There was still dust around the house from sanding and dry wall patching–and the moving process really aggravated her dust and pollen allergies.


“It’s lighter than I thought it would be–definitely something I can move around the house. It’s very sleek and simple” 

Weighing just 10.8 pounds, a lot of our customers mention how easy it is to move up and down stairs.


“I used the Electro-Premium brush for my carpets upstairs. I could immediately tell a difference–they felt cleaner and fluffier than before. The light was a cool feature although I didn’t really need it.”

Like I mentioned before, the Marin comes standard with a parquet twister floor tool for hard floors, but you have 3 carpet tool options. The Electro-Premium tool is ideal for thicker, higher-pile carpets. The Electro-Comfort and Electro-Plus brushes are great too. Read more about the floor options and which is best for your space.


“I felt like I was using an upright because of how wide the carpet tool is. I could also adjust the height to match my carpet, which was really nice.”

There are 5 different heights to choose from when you use the  Electro-Premium floor tool. This allows you to find your ideal height for your carpet and use it on carpets with different heights (like rugs). A bumper surrounds the entire tool to protect your furniture and automatically shuts off when you put it in park position.


“I loved the parquet twister tool! It moved so easily along the hardwood floors! It swiveled under my tables, cabinets, and corners. Literally couldn’t have asked for more.”

The parquet twister is a customer favorite. Its soft bristles won’t damage your floors, and Kari was right: It swivels 180-degrees to clean around just about anything.


 “The attachments changed out super easily–not always the case with vacuum attachments. Sometimes they get stuck and are tedious to use, but not here.” 

A crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush are all easy to attach to the Marin’s wand. All accessories are stored on-board too, so you won’t have to go digging for them.


“My allergies acted up during the move–there was a lot of dust from the construction, but I could tell a difference after I cleaned the house with the Marin.”

Miele’s closed filtration system–including a HEPA filter and dustbag that traps materials in the airtight chamber–was perfect for Kari’s allergies. All the collected allergens and dust are securely kept in the vacuum’s bag. Its HEPA filter captures 99.97% of allergens down to .3 microns–so the Marin cleans your floor, furniture, and air.

Read our Miele Marin product page to learn about its 6 suction settings and various other features. Kari (and I) have become huge Marin fans. I have a feeling you will too!

Have you used or owned a Marin or other S8 canister vacuum? Tell us about your experience in the comments below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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