Miele S8 Canister Vacuums: The Next Generation of Cleaning

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A cleaning revolution may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s exactly what Miele has created. Their new S8 line of canister vacuums are packed with extras and leading the charge in changing how we clean our homes.

I was lucky enough to chat with a Miele rep about these “next generation” vacuums. I really only had 2 questions: What makes one S8 model different from the others? And who should buy each one? I’ll share what I learned, but let’s run through the premium features they all share first. These vacuums filter air better than most canister vacuums, and they’re the lightest and quietest vacuums Miele has ever created. All Miele S8 vacuums include:

  • Parquet Twister Floor Tool: All S8 models come with this floor tool, which is air-driven and perfect for smooth floors.
  • AirClean Sealed System: It’s one thing to vacuum up dust, allergens, and other particles, but this sealed system ensures it stays in the vacuum’s bag and out of your indoor environment.
  • One-Touch Controls: No wrapping a cord, holding down a button, or even bending over. Simply touch a button with your foot to rewind the cord automatically or turn the vacuum on and off.
  • 6 Suction Settings: Different surfaces have various heights and textures; these settings let you control how much suction you use. For example, you’d use much more suction on high-pile carpet than when cleaning upholstery.
  • Onboard Accessories: Easy to find and store, use these for cleaning furniture, upholstery, and various other areas of your home.

Supreme Air Filtration

There are 2 filter options that come with the S8 models. Models with an Active HEPA filter are best for allergy-sufferers, because they (combined with the sealed system mentioned earlier) catch 99.99% of allergens down to .3 microns. The Active AirClean Filter is also great for filtering air and includes a charcoal cassette for absorbing odors. You can use either filter in any S8 model, so you can add a HEPA filter or AirClean filter to your model. Now let’s take a quick look at the S8 models and who would benefit most from each one.

The Alize: See the Light!

Unique Features: The Alize-exclusive handle with spotlight is perfect for behind furniture or other dark areas, while a Dynamic Drive feature allows for easy transition from carpet to hard floors. Its Automatic setting uses a sensor to self-adjust while it cleans (no thinking or action from you!). Lastly, a Filter Replacement Indicator tells you when it’s time to get a new filter. Read more about the Miele Alize S8 Canister Vacuum.
Filtration: Active HEPA
Best For
: Allergy-sufferers and people with hard floors and low-pile carpet.

The Uniq: A Classy Companion

Unique Features: This is the most premium member of the S8 line and includes the most expensive floor tool (electric-powered Electro Premium brush for carpets). Its deluxe handle grip has fingertip buttons to control its suction and the Electro Premium brush.  Additional features include: Filter Replacement Indicator, a velvet bumper strip, chrome accents, velvet accessories compartment, and underbody lights. Read more about the Miele UniQ S8 Canister Vacuum.
Filtration: Active HEPA
Best For
: Pretty much anyone! It’s great for people with high- or low-pile carpets, hard floors, or any combination. Its HEPA filtration makes it a top choice for allergy-sufferers.

The Marin: For the Control Freak

Unique Feature: You can pick between 3 optional floor tools when you buy the Marin; all of them are for carpet and bring something different to the table. Read more about the optional tools. Additional features include: Automatic setting, Filter Replacement Indicator, and deluxe handle with electro-brush. controls. Read more about the Miele Marin S8 Canister Vacuum.
Filtration: Active HEPA
Best For
: All carpet types and allergy-sufferers.

The Cat and Dog: Pets Are People Too!

Unique Feature: An included mini turbo brush is great for removing pet hair and dander from heavily-tracked areas, low-pile carpets, and delicate upholstery. Read more about the Miele S8 Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum.
Filtration: Active AirClean
Best For
: You guessed it, pet owners.

The Calima: The Smooth Talker

Unique Feature: This model was created for people with smooth floors or low-pile carpet. Its turbo comfort floor tool has an air-driven roller brush to loosen dirt and other debris from low-pile carpet. Read more about the Miele S8 Calima Canister Vacuum.
Filtration: Active HEPA
Best For: Allergy-sufferers, people with smooth floors and low-pile carpets.

The Kona: The Ultimate Carpet Cleaner

Unique Feature: Height adjustment! In addition to the standard suction settings, the Kona’s ElectroPlus floor tool is wide and cleans all carpet types with 5 height levels. Read more about the Kona S8 Canister Vacuum.
Filtration: Active HEPA
Best For: Allergy-sufferers and people with low-, medium-, or high-pile carpet.

Have you tried out one of these vacuums? Let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.

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