Mini But Mighty: Compact Personal Humidifiers are a Winter Travel Must

I love spending time at my father-in-law’s mountain cabin, especially during the winter. Spectacular views, family card games, and a cozy roaring fire have made many incredible memories. That being said, there is one major drawback to the mountain getaway—dry indoor air. The uncomfortable air is especially apparent in the cabin bedrooms, resulting in some sleepless nights compliments of itchy skin, chapped lips, and asthma flare-ups. And unfortunately, humidifiers (an easy fix for dry cabin air) are hard to find in the mountains.Portable Humidifier on Table

For years, I regularly packed a full-size humidifier when we would visit. However, when traveling with luggage and dogs, a clunky humidifier wasn’t necessarily the most convenient addition to our load. Plus, we really only needed something that would maintain comfortable humidity levels in the bedroom. Personal humidifiers to the rescue!

These compact humidifiers are an absolute must for winter travel. In fact, I keep my Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier in my suitcase year-round. That’s right, it fits Air-O-Swiss Portable Humidifierconveniently inside my suitcase. Plus, it simply requires a regular water bottle and an electrical outlet to create healthy, moisturized air for hours. It fills your room with cool mist and can cover areas up to 50 feet. Like my full-size humidifier, the Air-O-Swiss 7146 has a water-level indicator, adjustable mist output, and automatic shut-down. It’s also exceptionally quiet. Check out all of its great features in the video below. I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it as much as I have.

Stadler Form Jerry Portable Humidifier

Looking for an even more compact design? Check out the Stadler Form Jerry Ultrasonic Humidifier. This mighty-mini personal humidifier is the smallest on the market, standing just 2.56 inches high, 4.33 inches wide, and 1.89 inches deep. Moreover, it weighs less than half a pound, while still packing the power to provide up to eight hours of humidity to your office, bedroom, or hotel room. Its a popular travel humidifier for people across the country.

Thanks to these personal humidifiers, my trips to the mountain cabin can focus on time with family, and not on combating the uncomfortable effects of dry winter air. Check out these great travel humidifiers before you take your next trip.

What are your winter-weather travel tips? Have you used one of these products? Tell us your thoughts  in the comments section below.

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