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For the past few months, all of us here at have been working on a rather top secret project. Well, maybe not top secret, but we have had something very special up our sleeves. Now, we are ready to make the big reveal. (Drum roll please…)

This past weekend, we launched the new and improved! If you haven’t already, take a minute and check it out.

We’ve designed our website to be more customer-friendly. We have worked toward this goal in a couple of ways. First, we have reorganized our product category pages to include multiple product filter options. You can use these filters as guides to shop for products by your specific need, by a particular brand, or by your price range. Second, on our product category and brand pages, we have added easy-click links to helpful product articles that you can use for guided reference while you shop. Third, we have streamlined the information on our product pages to make it more organized and accessible. Using these strategies, we strive to help guide you to the best product(s) for your needs.

You will also notice that some of the elements on our new website remain familiar. We still have our detailed brand comparison charts to help you understand the differences between each brand’s products. Our reorganized Learning Center is still available as a valuable resource for indoor health and allergy management information. (Note: Spring is right around the corner. You may want to review our Prepare For Allergy Season article.) And our ever-growing product catalog still includes a wide variety of high-quality solutions for a healthier indoor environment and a more comfortable life.

With that, we hope you enjoy the features of our new website and that you find them extremely useful. Let us know what you think. We welcome your feedback.

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