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Nilfisk Backpack Vacuum Review

Posted by John on October 17th, 2008

Nifisk backuumsIn the home, a backpack vacuum, or “backuum,” is not necessary (unless you happen to live in an enormous mansion). However, the backpack vacuum is ideal for industrial vacuum jobs in which you have to clean large areas as quickly as possible. Built for speed and efficiency, the Nilfisk GD10 Backpack vacuum boosts cleaning productivity by up to 30%.

Ergonomically designed and weighing in at just over 10 pounds, the backuum is very comfortable. You won’t even notice the canister on your back. In fact, the backuum actually helps to alleviate back strain and pain because it eliminates repetitive bending over. The Nilfisk backuum allows you to stand up straighter and work faster. And since you’re not dragging a canister behind you, there’s less chance of causing an accident in the workplace.

The backpack vacuum increases mobility as well as speed. It also allows you to fit into confined spaces – like behind and on top of industrial machinery. Nilfisk understands the special cleaning needs of industrial clients, and that’s why they make the best industrial vacuums available.

The Nilfisk GD10 features high-efficiency HEPA filtration; it safely captures 99.99% of hazardous materials and particles down to 0.3 microns. The backuum ranks as the favorite among many hazmat clean-up crews who must operate safely and quickly.

Compared to the first-generation backpack vacuum from Nilfisk, the GD10 has twice the capacity, feels more comfortable, and performs better. The engineers at Nilfisk have outdone themselves again! For its improved efficiency, performance, and comfort, I give the Nilfisk industrial back vacuum five out of five stars.

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