Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums Lower Plant Operating Costs

When you have to clean a dusty 48-acre plant full of machinery, even the best household vacuum won’t get the job done. In this case, you need a specialized industrial vacuum.

Jim Ford, CEO of Harris Woolf Almonds, is in charge of a 48-acre almond processing plant in California. The plant packages 45 million pounds of almonds per year. But before the almonds can be packaged, they must be shelled and cleaned – and this creates a lot of dust.

“It’s a very fine dust,” explains Ford, “and it’s very difficult to sweep.”

Almond dust is problematic because it attracts insects, creates a fire hazard, and can interfere with the functioning of machinery. In the past, a team of sweepers had to work around the clock to keep the plant dust-free.

To combat the dust problem, Ford sought help from Nilfisk, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment.

Nilfisk industrial vacuumsNilfisk industrial vacuums feature high-efficiency filters to capture fine dust, as well as specialized attachments that allow you to clean hard-to-reach spaces.

Now, since Ford invested in a Nilfisk vacuum, it takes less time and fewer people to clean up more dust in the almond factory. Employees can now vacuum the tops of machines without having to climb on top of them.

Because of the high quality design and construction, Nilfisk industrial vacuum attachments allow the user vacuum from far away without losing any suction power.

The CEO couldn’t be happier with the results of purchasing a powerful Nilfisk industrial vac: “It has reduced our labor. It has helped us keep this plant clean. It has helped us in the fight to keep the dust down. We’re very happy with it.”

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