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Nilfisk: The Best Vacuum You’ve Never Had

Posted by Diamond on September 23rd, 2011

Nilfisk HEPA VacuumSome people prefer primp and pretty household appliances and are more concerned with style than function. Then there are the folks who can appreciate an attractive design but are more focused on the bottom line: does this product really work?

When you want a vacuum that excels in deep cleaning and filtration without all the exterior bells and whistles, Nilfisk vacuum cleaners provide industrial strength and are a quietly kept solution for residential environments. Translation: they may not have the frilly finishing of a traditional household vacuum, but they really, really do work.

Quite different from ordinary vacuums you’d typically see on big-box store shelves, Nilfisk vacuums are industrial-grade vacuum cleaners that deliver powerful cleaning in commercial environments you visit often. Movie theatres, restaurants, department stores, and hotels, just to name a few.

If these powerful vacuums are trusted to clean high-traffic places like busy airports, huge shopping malls, or major league stadiums, imagine the sparkling results a Nilfisk vacuum can bring to your living room.

Nilfisk GM 80 ResidentialA popular household Nilfisk vacuum, the Nilfisk GM80 Residential is a lightweight canister vacuum that performs exceptional debris pickup on carpets, smooth floors, upholstery, and drapery.

A family-friendly version of the Nilfisk GM80 Industrial Vacuum, the Nilfisk GM80 Vacuum collects dust, dirt, and debris inside a 2.25-gallon synthetic dust bag and captures a host of household allergens through the four-stage filtration system.

Equipped with standard vacuum accessories such as an upholstery nozzle, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush, the Nilfisk GM 80 Residential allows you to clean every facet of your home. But it also includes unconventional features like the heavy-duty trolley, which helps the vacuum glide smoothly across the floor as you move from spot to spot.

Additionally, the sturdy carrying handle and 360-degree ball-joint wheels make it easy to clean from room to room, while 5 included dust bags give you a head start on replacement bags.

Although most Nilfisk Advance commerical vacuums are geared toward industry pros who need heavy-duty professional cleaning equipment, some industrial models are also suitable for residential use. These industrial vacuums come with long power cords, at least 50 feet, and the suction is truly incredible.

Designed for lead and asbestos cleanup on construction sites and workshops, the Nilfisk GD 930 HEPA Vacuum is a low-profile canister vacuum that also provides heavy-duty residential cleaning and mold removal.

One of our product experts attests to the GD930’s easy portability and durability, citing that the vacuum rolls smoothly across thick carpets and flat surfaces and isn’t as sensitive to scratches as some of the stylish vacuums from well-known brands.

Nilfisk GD10 Backpack VacuumAffectionately dubbed the “backuum”, the Nilfisk GD10 Back Vacuum packs powerful cleaning ability and advanced filtration. Ergonomic design and a comfortable carrying harness make the backpack vacuum extremely easy to use and at only 10.8 pounds, lightweight is an understatement.

Another user-friendly option with ergonomic design, the Nilfisk UZ 964 Vacuum rests securely on your lower back for effortless vacuum cleaning. The hip vac not only reduces back strain, but it also offers hassle-free cleaning in tight spaces.

Now that you know all of the benefits of using a Nilfisk vacuum cleaner for residential purposes, are you considering getting one for your home? Head to our Nilfisk Advance Brand Center for more details on all Nilfisk models.

For other impressive wet/dry vacuuming, check out Nilfisk’s latest ALTO line. These models are ideal for industrial cleaning indoors and outdoors. Nilfisk offers various sizes and water lifts, so be sure to check them out too.

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