November Air Quality Evangelists

Each month we feature Air Quality Evangelists who offer helpful information to people regarding the importance of air quality. These Evangelists make clean air (and a healthy environment) a priority in their lives. We appreciate the information they provide, so let’s hear from November’s winners who discuss everything from allergies to reducing toxins in your home.

Scientific American Blog Network – Observations

If you haven’t heard of the Scientific American, then you’re one of the few. It’s read in print by nearly 4 million people a year and has long been a leading source for science, technology, and policy information.

Last July it launched the Scientific American Blog Network, which has quickly become the go-to hub for various editorial, community, and opinion blogs. Their wide range of topics include Energy & Sustainability, Health, Evolution, and Technology. “Observations” posts feature opinions and analysis from Scientific American editors.

Winning Post

Warmer weather is increasing pollen counts across the country, and this winning “Observations” post analyzes research about climate change and its influence on seasonal allergies. Research suggests allergy issues increase significantly with climate change and will only get worse moving forward. Allergy season will start earlier and affect a larger segment of the population, so review the findings and what they mean for you.

The Green Economy

Going green is a term a lot of companies throw around, but The Green Economy focuses on the business aspect of transitioning markets in today’s world. The informational company provides timely analyses on opportunities and changes affecting our economy. Their goal is to help companies adapt to the challenges they face in the world of energy, technology, and energy efficiency.

Winning Post

Forty childcare facilities in California were studied for their indoor air quality—the first study of its kind to offer detailed analysis of environmental contaminants in these facilities. More than 40 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were measured, including formaldehyde, and their winning post analyzes the study that found reasons to improve indoor air in these spaces. In addition to explaining the study’s results, The Green Economy offers strategies to help you reduce some of these VOCs in your home.

Brentwood Community Council

The Brentwood Community Council provides a forum to discuss and review issues that interest homeowners, business organizations, service groups, and environmental organizations in Brentwood, CA. The Council informs, advises, and recommends solutions to issues going on in their area, including keeping their area clean, safe, and healthy.

Winning Post

Busy moms have a lot on their plates, and wading through product safety information can be overwhelming. Luckily, Casey Coates Danson of the Brentwood Community Council has created her own cheat sheets on the safety profile of ingredients she uses around her home. In her winning post about 5 easy strategies to lower your home’s toxic load, she offers a quick resource to busy moms everywhere. Find out what she avoids, substitutes, and invests in to keep her home as healthy as possible for her family.

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