Oransi Erik – The Ultimate Air Cleaning Machine

Oransi Erik Ultra Plus Air Purifier

Oransi Erik Ultra Plus Air Purifier

What do Oransi’s newest line of air purifiers and a classy BMW have in common? They’re simply the ultimate in what they do.

Oransi, maker of the wildly popular v-hepa Finn and v-hepa Max air purifiers, knows just what it takes to build a quality air purifier that offers fast relief from your allergies and a great long-term value. Now, Oransi is shaking up the market once again with the introduction of its first line of premium-grade air purifiers. Take a moment and feast your eyes (or rather, your lungs) on the “ultimate cleaning machines,” Oransi Erik Air Purifiers!

On the outside, the Erik is a slim and sleek monochromatic unit that resembles a piece of modern art much more than your run-of-the-mill air purifier. On the inside—well, that’s where there’s a little bit of filtration magic.

Oransi Erik HEPA Air Purifiers have the largest filtration systems on the market. Period. The HEPA filter media is roughly 39 times the size of a basic air purifier’s and it’s 4 times larger than that of the closest competitor (who shall remain nameless). This helps each unit achieve even higher filtration efficiency over standard HEPA, removing 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. That’s about as close to perfect allergen removal as you can get.

But a near-perfect filtration system isn’t the only notable feature of the new Oransi Erik line. Each air cleaner is also supremely quiet thanks to a German-engineered EC, or electrically commutated, motor. This smoother-running and more compact fan motor eliminates the annoying “hum” created by conventional air purifier motors. It also uses 90% less energy than traditional motors, which contributes to steep savings on your operating costs overtime.

Other user-friendly features of the Erik include:

  • Simple, hassle-free controls
  • Long filter life of 3-5 years
  • Accurate filter change indicators
  • Easy-roll casters
  • Convenient carrying handle
Made in the USA Flag

Made-in-the-USA Quality

There’s one other (huge) thing I haven’t mentioned about Oransi’s new air purifiers that is sure to please our allergy-suffering patriots. They are…

(….drumroll please…..)

made in the USA!

That’s right. All the Erik’s major components except for the German-made EC motor are manufactured in America.

Learn more and shop all 3 Oransi Erik Air Purifiers at the links below:

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