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Oransi V-HEPA and V-HEPA Pro UV Product Review

Posted by Ivey on April 9th, 2010

Oransi LogoRecently, I was asked to test drive two new air purifiers from Oransi — the Oransi V-HEPA Air Purifier and the Oransi V-HEPA Pro UV Air Purifier. Before giving you my verdict, let me provide a little background about the environment that these Oransi products were tasked with treating. I live in a medium-sized one bedroom apartment with two dogs that shed, plus I have asthma and various allergies.

I decided to put the smaller air purifier, the V-HEPA, in my bedroom, which is also part of the area where my dogs stay when I am away from the house.Oransi V-HEPA Air Purifier Setting the air purifier up couldn’t have been easier. I removed it from the packaging, made sure the air filters were in place, plugged it in, and turned the dial to the high fan setting. Set-up was complete. Now, the fun began — could this tiny (small enough to sit on the corner of my dresser), no-frills air purifier make good on its promises of cleaner air and the quietest operation? It absolutely did.

Within two days of continuously running the V-HEPA, I could tell a positive difference in the quality of air in my bedroom and pet odors were significantly reduced. When I was away from home for extended amounts of time, I placed the compact air purifier on its highest fan setting. During the day and the evening, I used the medium setting. For sleep hours, I used the low fan setting, which (as promised) was barely audible.

Oransi V-HEPA Pro UV Air PurifierThe V-HEPA Pro UV, which offers a lot more functionality than the basic V-HEPA, was placed in my living room. This air purifier has a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and advanced carbon filter, as well as optional UV lamp and negative-ion settings to provide exceptional air cleaning performance. It also comes with a fully-functional remote control that works from a considerable distance, so I was able to change the settings from the comfort of my sofa.

My favorite feature of the V-HEPA Pro was probably the Intelligent Air Quality Monitor, which visually indicates (using red, green, and blue lights) whether your air is poor, has elevated levels of particles, or is good. Using this monitor, I could easily tell with a quick glance how much air purification my room needed.

Besides the bright lights and remote control, the V-HEPA Pro definitely improves air quality. I kept the air purifier mostly on the Auto setting, which chose the appropriate level of air purification based on the room conditions. It primarily stayed on the low or medium setting, both of which were extremely quiet.

Occasionally, I like to cook bacon or have friends over for a movie night, so my living room might need a boost in air purification. In these instances, I placed the V-HEPA Pro on its highest setting and turned on the UV and ion settings to clear the air and remove unwanted odors and germs. While the V-HEPA Pro was louder on the high setting (as expected), it wasn’t intrusive at all. I could still enjoy television or talk at a normal voice level to my guests. Plus, the V-HEPA Pro’s high setting works pretty quickly, so you really don’t have to use it long before you can return to a quieter low or medium setting.

Although the name Oransi means “orange” in Scandinavian, the focus of these products is on green operation. Both the V-HEPA and V-HEPA Pro are Energy Star-qualified products and this was apparent on my utility bill. Using both of the air purifiers continuously for one month, I saw no change in my electric bill.

Overall, the Oransi V-HEPA and V-HEPA Pro truly deliver on their promises of superior air filtration at a nice price point. So, go ahead and try out the V-HEPA and the V-HEPA Pro for yourself.

10 Responses to “Oransi V-HEPA and V-HEPA Pro UV Product Review”

  1. Gemma Butler Says:

    I have two little boys with allergies who share a room – I’ll be sure to try the V-HEPA Pro … this spring has been hard for them with the unusual warmer temps … plus asthma! Tough to be a Mom sometimes and stay within budget – this will help. Thx for the tip Ivey!

  2. Anna Krumholtz Says:

    I just purchased the V Hepa Pro from Oransi for myself after reading this as an early Mother’s Day gift – can’t wait to try the Intelligent Air Quality Monitor! We live in a condo and our neighbors underneath us smoke … it’s a battle keeping my kids’ rooms air clean from this second hand smoke. Looking foward to trying it!

  3. TC Says:

    I just purchased two of the V Hepa Pro. Looking forward to try this in my bed room and the living room.

  4. Burt Cormany Says:

    I purchased the V Hepa Pro approx. 8 months ago and was very satisfied with the performance. Unfortunately about a week ago the fan motor failed. I called their customer service and a new complete unit was immediately shipped free with shipping paid. This is a great company to do business with. They take pride in their product and care about their customers.

  5. EJ Says:

    I bought two Oransi V Hepa Pro and 1 v Hepa aiir purifiers. I noticed that they did absolutely noothing for odoors or fumes in my house. Had siding put on my hoouse this week and the caulking or something had a really strong chemiical smell. They do not seem to clean the air at all because there is no suction whatsoever. I held a thin piece of toilet paper in front and it continued to just fall straight down. I dropped some strands of dog hair RIGHT in front of the V Hepa Pro and the light dog hairs just fell to the floor . This is a bogus product; all you get is a pretty plastic case and a big bill and a few extra good for nothing filters because you’re never going to have to change one because it will stay clean as the day you installed it!

  6. Ivey Says:

    Hi EJ! Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond. If you are looking for a moderate-size air purifier that can take care of a wide range of indoor air quality problems, a lot of people have been pleased with the Whirlpool Whispure.

    If you are looking for a more robust system, especially if you or someone in your home has severe allergy or asthma symptoms, check out one of the IQAir Air Purifiers or an Austin Air Purifier.

    You can always give one of our Air Treatment Consultants a call to help you choose the best air purifier for your needs.

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