Poor Air Quality in Nail Salons

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nail salons that offer manicure and pedicure services commonly have high levels of dangers indoor air pollution. At sufficient concentrations, these indoor air pollutants may increase the chance of cancer and lead to other serious health conditions like reproductive problems, birth defects, severe allergic reactions, and aggravated asthma.

The solvents and other chemicals used in nail salons present a staggering array of health risks – too many to list here! To point out one example, thirty states have restricted or banned the use of liquid methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA), which is used in some artificial nail products. The Food and Drug Administration considers MMA to be a poisonous substance that can cause serious adverse skin reactions and in some cases permanent deformities.

While skin reactions are common to nail salon chemicals, respiratory reactions are even more common, and long-term exposure to these chemicals can cause chronic diseases.

To learn more about the effects of various nail care chemicals, see the list of chemicals and associated hazards at cosmeticdatabase.com.

Do you visit a nail salon often? If so, you should ask how the salon deals with indoor air pollution. If they don’t have an air purifier in the salon, direct them to Sylvane.com.

If you work in a nail salon, you are at increased risk of health complications. In a 2004 survey of salon employees in New York City, 37 percent had skin problems, 37 percent suffered from eye irritation, 57 percent suffered from allergies, and 18 percent suffered from asthma.

chemical air cleanersIf you are a nail salon technician, you can greatly reduce your risk with an air purifier that has the ability to absorb toxic chemicals. See chemical control air purifiers for more information.

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