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High Precipitation Linked to Autism

Posted by John on November 16th, 2008

I recently explored the question Is Autism an Environmental Illness? Now new evidence suggests that autism may indeed be an environmental illness.

CBS News reports that children living in areas of high precipitation may be more likely to have autism.

“I strongly believe it’s not the precipitation itself,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. Michael Waldman. “My sense is, if truly there is an environmental trigger, my guess is it is one of the factors related to indoor activity.”

Possible environmental triggers of autism may include chemical exposure to indoor substances such as cleaning products, TV viewing, and vitamin D deficiency from too little sunlight.

Thirty years ago, autism affected only one in 2,500 children. Now it affects one in 250!

Children who live in areas with a lot of rainfall will spend more time indoors and increase their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

vapor steam cleanersIf you have a child (or a child on the way), I suggest getting rid of as many chemicals as possible. Many natural products are available today. As for cleaning, toss out those harsh chemicals and invest in a vapor steamer. Think about it: If you mop a floor with a cleaning chemical, you’re leaving behind toxins on the floor. And where do small children spend most of their time? On the floor!

Air cleaners, air sterilizers, and UV sanitizers will also help you keep your home clean and chemical-free.

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