No Buyer’s Remorse with a PrimeAire Dehumidifier

Ever have buyer’s remorse? You buy a product and expect it to be the answer to your problem, the perfect tool to enhance your life. It appears to have all the bells and whistles you’ve been hoping for. Then, you get the product home, start using it, and soon realize it’s missing something.

Maybe it just didn’t work like you thought it would. It’s missing a helpful feature. Or perhaps the color isn’t quite right. And just like that, as sure as you were about your purchase, you’re now just as sure it’s not a worthy investment. Well, that’s what you’re not going to do when you invest in a PrimeAire dehumidifier.

Take a moment and introduce yourself to our newest brand of home dehumidifiers.

PrimeAire dehumidifiers make problem humidity a thing of the past. Available in a 50-pint and 70-pint model, these dehumidifiers can transform even the dampest of basements into a comfortably dry space without the threat of allergy-triggering mold or costly moisture damage. The way I see it, there are 3 things that set a PrimeAire dehumidifier apart from a conventional dehumidifier you’d find at a big box store.

No Guesswork Humidistat

PrimeAire PA5010E Dehumidifier HumidistatMost conventional dehumidifiers require you to measure your room’s humidity (or maybe even guess!) and adjust dehumidifier operation frequently to maintain a certain humidity level. PrimeAire dehumidifiers make this process easy with an adjustable humidistat. Just set your desired humidity and let the dehumidifier do the work for you. The dehumidifier senses when your humidity level rises above your setting and activates to remove moisture when needed. No head-scratching guesswork needed.

Headache-Free Controls

PrimeAire Dehumidifier Control panelMany traditional dehumidifiers have all sorts of bells and whistles designed to enhance operation. But all too often, these features lead to headaches and not shortcuts because of complicated instructions and hit or miss functionality. PrimeAire dehumidifiers feature simple electronic controls with just enough pizzazz to have that high-tech feel with plenty of usability and function. Use the pushbutton controls to choose an operating mode, adjust fan speed, set the timer, and monitor filter life. These dehumidifiers have all the features you need in an easy package.

Supercharged Efficiency

Energy Star sealThese days, it’s so common for a dehumidifier—and any appliance really—to double as an “energy vampire.” You know these products. They might have old noisy motors that run all the time or they’re just not as effective as they once were (even though they run all the time!). PrimeAire dehumidifiers are among the latest wave of Energy Star dehumidifiers designed with more efficient compressors and fans to help you save an average of 15% on operating costs. Plus, more efficient components mean each dehumidifier has less of an impact on the environment.

Now that you’ve been introduced to PrimeAire dehumidifiers, rest assured you can say goodbye to your damp environment—and your buyer’s remorse.

Learn more about these solutions, including the PrimeAire PA5010E and PA7010E dehumidifiers, in our PrimeAire brand center.

Any current PrimeAire dehumidifier owners out there? Let us know how you like them in the comments section!


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  1. Emma K

    Having heard good things about the PrimeAire from our friends accross the big pond. We recently managed to get our hands on one of these units and i have to say so far we’re very impressed with it. The simple controls make it a breeze to adjust on the go and it has a very good extraction rate, well done!

  2. Hi, impressed with your fuller presentation and customer comment.
    Q Do you have a distributor in Australia, if so who?

  3. Thank you! We don’t ship to Australia, unfortunately.

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