Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT Dehumidifier Review

Santa Fe Max Dry dehumidifiersAt first glance, the massive Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT dehumidifier may look like a mummification chamber that you might find in Michael Jackson’s basement – but it’s not as big as it looks in the online photo. At just over three feet in length, it actually has a rather small footprint, especially when you consider its dehumidifying power. Intended for crawlspaces and large basements, the Santa Fe Max Dry covers 3,600 square feet and can remove 150 pints of moisture per day (and 300 pints at complete saturation).

Even though it’s one of the most powerful dehumidifiers on the market, the Max Dry Dual XT features an Energy Star rating. To get the same effect with off-the-shelf units, you’d have to plug in four or five of them – and use four or five times as much electricity!

What I like most about this powerful dehumidifier is that it’s easy to hide. Of course you can place it in an open space like a finished basement or open-air crawlspace. But, thanks to multiple ducting options, you can also hide it in small spaces like utility closests. Or, if you have an unfinished basement, you can install ducting and finish the basement around the dehumidifier! This makes the Santa Fe Max Dry ideal for basement remodeling projects. If you want to convert your basement into a living space or recreational area, you need strong safeguard against moisture and mold. Otherwise, occupants may get sick, and electronic equipment may malfunction. With the optional condensate pump, you can run the drain hose in any direction.

Besides its Energy Star rating, the Max Dry is environmentally friendly in another way: it utilizes a special “green” refrigerant that does not contribute to global warming.

Finally, if you suffer from allergies, you’ll be glad to know that this unit includes a MERV 6 air filter. The Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT not only removes excess moisture so that mold cannot grow, but it also filters pre-existing mold spores and other allergens out of the air.

Five out of five stars for this American-made, Earth-friendly powerhouse of a dehumidifier!

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  1. Top Rated Dehumidifier

    It is indeed one of the most powerful and biggest dehumidifier in the market. I’ve seen one in real life and I must say that it is not as big as you imagine just like what the poster indicated above. :)

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