Say Hello to Oskar the Humidifier and Goodbye to Stale, Dry Air

Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier by Swizz StyleIt’s no secret that Sylvane has one of the most comprehensive product catalogs in the industry. That’s why each week I am going to spotlight a different product to help you get better acquainted with our air treatment solutions. What better way to start than with one of our most unique products—the Oskar Humidifier by Stadler Form?

When you think of humidifiers, what comes to mind? Probably a bulky-shaped device filled with water or maybe you are picturing your niece’s humidifier with the frog face. Either way it probably isn’t very chic or something that you would proudly display. The stylish design of the Stadler Form Oskar will definitely change your perception of humidifiers.

Also known as the Swizz Style Oskar, this humidifier was designed by Swiss artist Matti Walker, who gave the Oskar a sleek, sophisticated look. Available with a black or white finish, the Oskar humidifier will blend perfectly with a modern décor.

Don’t mistake the Oskar for just another pretty face, though. Stadler Form put just as much thought into this humidifier’s functionality as they did design. The Oskar produces up to 1.9 gallons of water per day to keep your room perfectly moisturized and comfortable. Refilling the Oskar is a breeze and can be done while the humidifier is in operation. Plus, a convenient indicator light alerts you when the water is too low for safe operation.

Push-button controls and blue LED lights allow you to easily program this humidifier with your perfect humidity level and speed settings. If you want to spice up your room with a light fragrance, but don’t want to burn candles, just add a tiny bit of your favorite fragrance to the scented-oil container, and let the Oskar do the rest.

The Swizz Style Oskar also features whisper-quiet operation and a Night mode that allows you to dim the humidifier’s lights or turn them off completely, making it the perfect addition to any bedroom.

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