Sebo X4 Vacuum Review

Sebo X4 vacuum cleanerI’ll admit it: As an allergy sufferer, I don’t vacuum as well as I should. When it comes to vacuuming, I like to get it over with as soon as possible. That’s what I enjoyed most about testing out the Sebo X4 vacuum: I was able to get my floors extremely clean with minimal effort. This upright vac is a powerhouse with an S-class filtration system (the British equivalent of HEPA). I knew that the carpet was clean without having to go over the same spot twice.

I prefer upright vacuums, and I can tell you that few upright vacuums match the cleaning power of the Sebo upright. The Sebo X4 contains two fans for twice the suction power. (Be warned: don’t get this vacuum near a frayed rug because it’ll suck the edges right up!)

When you need to clean those awkard spaces, an 8-foot hose with on-board tools make it easy and fast. It’s also easy to change the bag, the filter, and the brush roller. The entire brush roller slides out from the side of the vacuum with the push of a button.

Sebo X4 upright vacuum

Another nice feature is that the vacuum handle will go all the way down to the floor, allowing you to easily vacuum under your bed. (If you don’t vacuum under your bed, you should! Dust, dust mite droppings, and other allergens quickly collect under beds without regular vacuuming.)

I also appreciated the automatic height adjustment, which allowed me to go from laminate floors to carpet without having to slow down. Finally, this is a vacuum built to last; that’s why it’s so popular among professional cleaners and hotel chains. The reinforced, cogged belt won’t slip or stretch like low quality, smooth belts, and it’s designed to last for the life of the vacuum.

Because of its quality design, and because it allowed me to complete my chores in record time, I give the Sebo X4 vacuum five out of five stars.

(Note: The Sebo X4 has a 12-inch wide cleaning path. If you prefer an even wider cleaning path, look at the Sebo X5 vacuum with a 15-inch wide cleaning path.)

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