Simple Ways to Get Involved with Air Quality Awareness Week

trafficNo matter how hard we try, we all contribute to air pollution. Air Quality Awareness Week highlights a few ways we can all help make our air cleaner–and recognize how air quality affects our overall health.

The EPA offers a few simple ways to get involved, and most involve reducing smog—one of the main ways we contribute to air pollution.

Give one or two of their suggestions a try–you may even start doing them regularly.

               Alternative Mode Monday

train rail

Do you have multiple options for your commute? Consider taking the bus or other public transit. If you can, try biking to work too.

      Ride Together Tuesday

carpool 2

Try carpooling! Pick up your friend on the way to work and enjoy their company for your commute.

         Walk Somewhere Wednesday

people walking

Get some exercise by walking somewhere you normally drive (or just take a walk to enjoy this wonderful spring weather!).

No Idle Thursday

no idling

Go inside to pick up food or prescriptions to avoid drive-thrus—or simply be more conscious of your exhaust emissions and only run your car when needed. No idling today!

      Fuel After Dark Friday

gas tank

When you fill up on hot days, the gasoline fumes and hot temperatures create ground-level ozone. If you fill up your car on Friday, do it early in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are more mild.

     Sweep it up Saturday


This time of year most people are getting their lawns and patios ready for spring and summer. Whether you’re doing yard work or cleaning your driveway, sweep it manually instead of using a powered machine like a leaf blower. Burn a few calories and enjoy the fresh air.

More Helpful Air Quality Info:

  • AirNow Mobile App: Available in Apple and Android applications, this new app provides real-time air quality information. Check it before exercising or working outdoors. Find out more about the AirNow App.
  • Local Events: See if your city/state has any fun events planned that you and your family can enjoy this week.
  • AirNow.Gov: Get up to the minute weather conditions for 400 US cities here, including your city’s AQI (Air Quality Index).
  • Moms Clean Air Force: This innovative site is a community of parents who are united against air pollution to protect our children’s health. Read more about their mission and get some great advice for you and your family.

Are you participating in Air Quality Awareness Week? Let us know what you’re doing in the comments below–or even better, post a picture on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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