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Steam Cleaners: The Healthy Way to Clean

Posted by Diamond on September 9th, 2011

Steam CleanerThe only thing more disgusting than walking on a grimy floor is “cleaning” it with the same old dirty mop and filthy pail of water. Sure the bucket of water starts out smelling fresh and looking soapy, but by the time you reach the middle of the floor, what was once a bucket of fresh suds has become a cold, gray bacteria fest. And to think we actually dip a spongy mop into that “water” and smear it all over our tile or hardwood floors. Yuck!

It’s ok, we’re all guilty. But there is a better way. A chemical-free, eco-conscious, allergy- and asthma-friendly way. More hygienic than a traditional floor mop and more cost-effective and durable than disposable Swiffer sweepers, a steam cleaner is a healthy way to truly clean your floors of dirt and grime without releasing pollutants from chemical detergents into your indoor environment.

A steam mop, also known as a floor sanitizer, is a perfect solution for quick spill cleanups and light floor maintenance. Using ordinary tap water, steam cleaners naturally disinfect household surfaces, leaving them germ-free and squeaky clean. Once water is poured in the tank, the steamer transforms the water into a dry vapor that is hot enough to kill bacteria, viruses, pet dander, dust mites, and other contaminants.

We carry a wide selection of floor cleaners – from heavy-duty commercial steam cleaners to compact handheld steam vacuums. But if you’re just looking for a basic model for daily residential use, check out some of our best-selling steam mops.

HAAN FS-20Esteemed as the best overall floor sanitizer by a leading consumer reporting agency, the HAAN FS-20 Steam Mop cleans hard floors in a snap and without harsh chemicals. Powered by 15 steam jets, this HAAN steam cleaner releases vapor at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and disinfects your floors of germs, dust mites, bacteria, and mold.

Another popular floor cleaner among many consumers, the Bissell 1867-7 Steam Mop is a budget-friendly steam cleaner for allergy-sufferers and anyone with multiple chemical sensitivities. The lightweight steam cleaner provides 15 minutes of cleaning time with a full tank of water and the 360-degree swivel mop head reaches under cabinets and along baseboards.

Do you dislike sweeping your floors just as much as you hate mopping them? Some steam cleaners perform double duty, serving as both a broom and a mop, so you can tackle wet spills and dry messes in one swift push.

Reliable Steamboy T2The newly released Reliable Steamboy T2 Steam Mop picks up dirt, crumbs, and dust with the rotating sweeper brush and it releases powerful steam for a deep clean on hard-surface floors.

Featuring an ergonomic grip handle and a 180-degree swivel head, the Reliable Steamboy Steam Mop provides 30 minutes of continuous steam action with its 3.3-cup water tank.

A premiere model on the HAAN steam cleaner line, the HAAN SV-60 provides 40 minutes of powerful steam cleaning and effective HEPA filtration. Great on smooth floors and carpets, the HAAN steam vacuum functions as a steam mop and a vacuum cleaner. High-temperature steam combines with a HEPA filter to eliminate 99.9% of dust mites, bacteria, and germs for whole house purification.

Floor steam cleaners not only keep your household surfaces spotless, but they also help to eliminate odors and reduce common allergens. A cleaner home and a healthier you is as simple as trading in that lousy mop and icky pail of water for a powerful steam cleaning machine and fresh cup of water.

To find out more about steam cleaners and what to look for when purchasing, take a look at our Steam Cleaner Buying Guide.

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