Stop Fall Mold with DeLonghi Dehumidifiers – On Sale Now

DeLonghi LogoAlthough leaves changing color and falling to the ground are one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles, this decaying of plant debris can promote allergy-causing mold growth. Oftentimes, this mold finds its way into your home thanks to autumn winds or warm early fall temperatures that lead to damp homes, especially basements and bathrooms. Mold and damp environments can trigger a variety of allergic symptoms including itchy eyes, noses, and throats, headaches, sinusitis, sneezing, and more. To keep your home dry and mold-free, we are offering 20% off on any DeLonghi dehumidifier that we carry for a limited time only.

DeLonghi DD50P Dehumidifier In UseAvailable with a 45-pint capacity for spaces up to 700 square feet and a 50-pint capacity for spaces up to 1,000 square feet, these Energy Star-rated dehumidifiers effectively remove excess moisture to keep your indoor environment mold-free and healthy. The DeLonghi DD45 effortlessly removes up to 45 pints of excess moisture each day from your indoor environment. Water can be manually removed using the convenient front-mounted water tank or continuously drained using the included 3-foot drainage hose.

In addition to gravity drainage and manual water removal, both the DeLonghi DD45P and the DeLonghi DD50P are equipped with patented condensate pump systems that produce 16 feet of vertical lift and eliminate the need to empty a water bucket!

DeLonghi DD45P Dehumidifier In UseEach DeLonghi dehumidifier comes with an easy-to-read LCD display and soft-touch controls to help you program your ideal humidity settings. These portable dehumidifiers also feature a 24-hour programmable timer, anti-frost protection, eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant, water overflow protection, and more.

Don’t let fall mold sneak up on you, take advantage of our limited-time offer on these outstanding DeLonghi dehumidifiers.

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  1. Manhattan Mold Removal

    When homes are wet and toxic mold is already growing it’s imperative to have professionals clean it up. However, dehumidifiers are wonderful tools to prevent mold growth.

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