Sylvane Better Air Program Helps You Keep Your Air Fresh

Better Air Program LogoRecently, my trusty Whirlpool Whispure 510 wasn’t circulating air very well and my bedroom felt stuffy. I quickly discovered the root of the problem when I removed the front cover and was greeted by two of the dirtiest filters I have ever seen. How could I have forgotten one of the simplest air purifier maintenance routines—checking and changing your air filters?

Thanks to our Better Air Program, you don’t have to suffer the same fate that I did. The Better Air Program is a free and convenient email reminder program that helps you maintain healthy indoor air by giving you a head’s up when it’s time to change the filters on your air purifiers.

To enroll, visit our Better Air Program Sign-up Page and enter the following information:

  • Your name and email address
  • The desired frequency for your reminders (i.e. monthly, every 3 months, ever 6 months, etc.)
  • A start date for the reminders
  • Your air purifier brand, model, and desired filter

Along with personalized reminders, you’ll receive special members-only discounts on replacement filters for your air purifier!

Don’t wait until the quality of your indoor air plummets to change your air filters, let our Better Air Program help by taking the guesswork out of air purifier filter replacement.

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