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Sylvane Introduces Bathroom Fans to Product Line Up

Hot off the presses! We’ve added a new family of products to our ever-expanding catalog of indoor air quality solutions. Say hello to bathroom fans!

Did you know that all those steamy showers and bubble baths you take could be damaging your home’s infrastructure? That’s right. Prolonged humidity in your bathroom can trigger mold and mildew growth, cause paint and wallpaper to peel, and in more severe cases, even lead to wood rot inside your walls. If you find that your bathroom feels muggy after a shower and there’s condensation building up on your mirrors and windows, you might benefit from adding a bathroom fan.

Bathroom fans are exhaust fans designed to add ventilation and improve airflow in your bathroom. These systems are typically installed flush within the ceiling or wall, connected to your home’s ductwork, and wired to an external wall switch. When you switch them on, they exhaust humid air and excess moisture to the outside, eliminating muggy, stuffy air in favor of fresh, crisp air that keeps you comfortable.

Now, if when you think of bathroom exhaust fans, you think of industrial-esque eyesores that detract from the ambiance of your bathroom and maybe sound like jet engines, think again. Today’s models are really breaking the mold.

Marley 8100FLH Bathroom FanFor example, our new line of Marley bathroom fans includes models that are sleek and understated in appearance, whisper-quiet, and packed with convenience features. My favorite is the Marley 8100FLH. This model includes an on-board humidity sensor that actually senses the level of humidity in your bathroom and automatically turns the fan on and off when humidity gets too high. How neat is that? Not only is this feature convenient, it’s a great energy-saver too.

If you’re shopping for a bath fan and need some extra guidance, check out our primer 5 Things to Consider When Buying A Bathroom Fan. This article covers the basics, from sizing to installation to features, noise, and efficiency. And if you need more help choosing or have questions and need answers, don’t hesitate to give our friendly air treatment specialists a call at (800) 934-9194.

Happy shopping!

Could your bathroom benefit from adding a bath fan? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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