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Sylvane’s Memorial Day 2014 Sale – 10% Off on Dehumidifiers, ACs & More

Summer has finally arrived, and we’re as excited as anyone here in Atlanta. If you’re prepping your home for the summer heat, take advantage of our site-wide Memorial Day sale! We’re offering 10% off ALL types of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, vacuums, and more (some exclusions apply). Check out some of the products we have on sale this Memorial Day weekend:

Portable Air Conditioners

Stuffy rooms can often need a boost of cool air during summer months. If you have an area of your home that doesn’t get the air circulation it needs, consider one of our easy to install portable air conditioners. These can quickly be wheeled into any room and are simple to put away when they’re not needed. Nowadays, portable ACs come packed with features that make them as simple to use as they to set up. 

Some portable ACs even come with heat pump options, like the Toyotomi 14,000 BTU portable AC. This unique AC really does it all: It’s powerful motor adds supplemental cooling to rooms up to 500 square feet, and an efficient heat pump means year-round comfort.

Window Air Conditioners 

Window air conditioners are another great option, and even though they require a little more work to install, they’re more efficient than portable air conditioners. They often times have more cooling power and advanced features. For example, Friedrich window ACs are known for being some of the most reliable, long-lasting room air conditioners on the market. Learn more about their highest-quality window ACs, the Friedrich Kuhl line, in the video below.


Summer can often mean a lot of muggy air invading your space–which only makes it feel even hotter inside. Remove excess moisture and keep your air fresh with one of our dehumidifiers. We have models for residential and commercial uses, and our popular residential PrimeAire dehumidifier models are included in the 10% off sale.

Other Products On Sale

While the products above seem to be our most popular this time of year, our Memorial Day sale is sitewide (with a few exceptions). Be sure to visit to see all of our great deals. Vacuums, steam cleaners, air purifiers, and swamp coolers are also on sale. Just use the code MEM14 at checkout.

Taking advantage of the sale? Let us know what products you’re checking out on Facebook or Twitter.

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