Sylvane Participates in the 2011 Fight for Air Climb

2011 Fight for Air LogoLike hundreds of others, this year, Sylvane took part in the 2011 Fight for Air Climb. Sponsored by the American Lung Association, the event was designed to raise awareness about the need for healthy lungs and clean air as well as to raise much needed funds for lung disease research, treatment, and prevention.

In addition to fundraising, 2011 Atlanta Climb participants also got the chance to race up their choice of 32 or 64 flights of stairs in Atlanta’s Equitable Building. This not only offered a unique race experience, it also provided a great cardiovascular workout. Plus, once civilians hustled their way up the steep stairwells of the Equitable Building, firefighters from surrounding Atlanta metro cities and counties raced up the stairs in full gear, which was truly awe-inspiring.

Ultimately, Sylvane raised more than $2,200 to help the ALA achieve a grand total of $32,303.10 for lung disease education, research, and advocacy. Plus, Sylvane placed seventh in the 32-flight team competition.

Think you have what it takes to tackle the stairs or want to volunteer at one of these exciting events? Find a Fight for Air Climb event in your area.

Of course, climbing stairs isn’t the only way to support the ALA, visit to find out the many ways that you can help foster cleaner air for everyone and help raise awareness about lung diseases such as lung cancer, COPD, and asthma.

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