Sylvane’s 20% Off Space Heater Sale – Prepare for Winter Weather Now!

Sylvane Space Heater Sale

The leaves just started changing, but cooler weather is on its way—and in some places, it’s already here. High electricity costs and expensive, outdated heating systems can waste a lot of money this winter. Combine that with consumers’ desire to only heat specific rooms (the ones they actually use!), and it’s pretty clear why space heaters have become so popular across the country.

A space heater can save you money, energy, and provide spot heating to any area of your home. With a wide-range of heater types, capacities, and safety features, finding the right space heater is easier than you may think.

It’s a great time to buy one too, because many of our most popular models are 20% off during Sylvane’s Space Heater Sale going on now.

Enjoy discounts on several space heater brands like all American Comfort, DeLonghi, Honeywell, Qmark, Soleus, Vornado, and Crane models.

Two of our most popular space heaters are included in the sale, and comparing them shows the wide-range of options you have.
The first model is the Vornado TVH500 Touchstone Vortex Heater, which quickly warms an entire room from floor to ceiling. This electric space heater is continually considered a best buy by a leading consumer agency and is known for being a compact, light heater that adds a huge boost of warmth to any room, particularly those smaller than 250 square feet. Unlike many space heaters that simply warm the area in front of them, this model uses Vornado’s fan to warm the entire room and also automatically controls your climate to maintain even room temperature. Its simple control panel, remote control, and various safety options make it one of our best sellers every winter.

The DeLonghi HMP1500 MICA Panel Radiator Heater is a completely different space heater but just as impressive. This sleek, black panel heater combines radiant and convection heating to adequately heat single rooms. One of its main features is that you can mount this unit easily onto a wall. Two heat settings and an adjustable thermostat provide convenient operation. This lightweight heater is also very popular for allergy-sufferers. Since it doesn’t have a fan, you don’t have to worry about dehydrating your skin, drying out your eyes, or irritating your throat during winter allergy season.

These are just 2 of countless space heaters on sale right now. Don’t wait until the cold weather arrives to get yours; check out our selection today.

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