Stay Cool This Summer with a Swamp Cooler

Sunpentown SF-608R Evaporative Air CoolerWhen most people think of swamps, a cool, comfortable environment is probably the last image that comes to mind. So, with a name like “swamp cooler“, you are probably a little wary of this appliance’s proposed cooling potential. When used properly, swamp coolers—also known as evaporative air coolers—can lower the air temperature in your home up to 20 degrees. Most effective in dry, arid climates like the Southwestern United States, these cooling appliances are great for keeping your bedroom, den, patio, deck, garage, or even workshop comfortable during the hot summer season.

Swamp coolers are fresh air systems, so unlike traditional air conditioners, they do not use ozone-depleting refrigerants. The technology behind these appliances is actually based on the naturally occurring process of evaporative cooling. The chill that you get after stepping out of the ocean or standing near a waterfall is the result of evaporative cooling. To cool your space more efficiently, swamp coolers use a fan to draw warm, stale into the unit. The air passes over moistened pads, and the cool, rejuvenated air is then distributed throughout your environment. Since swamp coolers work best when a window or door is slightly opened, the ambient temperature in your room can feel four to six degrees cooler than the actual temperature thanks to consistently circulated air. Plus, the simple cooling process—requiring just water and air—makes evaporative cooling exceptionally eco-friendly.
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