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Chemical Leak Forms Toxic Cloud Over Pennsylvania

Posted by John on October 11th, 2008

BREAKING NEWSCNN reports that a toxic chemical cloud has formed over Petrolia, PA, after a chemical leak in a local plant.

The toxic cloud affected at least 2,000 residents, many of whom fled their homes to stay with friends and relatives or in shelters. Others decided to stay home and keep their windows and doors closed. Continue reading

Particulate Air Pollution Looms Over Beijing Olympics

Posted by John on July 24th, 2008

With the 2008 Summer Olympics less than a month away, millions of eyes study the sky over Beijing. China has taken drastic measures to clean up the air in Beijing. Many polluting factories are being shut down for the Olympic Games, and restrictions are being placed on driving. Drivers are banned from driving every other day, based on whether their license plate number is odd or even.

Still, many scientists expect Beijing’s poor air quality to cause problems for athletes and spectators alike. It’s no surprise that air pollution damages the lungs and can cause respiratory diseases like asthma, but in the past few years, researchers have discovered that poor air quality can also cause cardiovascular disease and trigger heart attacks. Continue reading