Create a Healthier Indoor Environment to Help Control Your Asthma

World Asthma Day 2011Today, May 3, 2011, is World Asthma Day. Organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), World Asthma Day was created to raise awareness about asthma, asthma-related issues, and asthma care around the world. The theme for 2011 is “You Can Control Your Asthma”.

Eliminating airborne pollutants in your indoor environment is a great way to gain control over your asthma symptoms.
Nilfisk GM 80 Vacuum

One of the best places to start is by cleaning the surfaces in your home with a HEPA vacuum cleaner, such as the Nilfisk GM80 Residential Vacuum. Great for allergy- and asthma-sufferers, the Nilfisk GM80 was designed specifically for use in homes and effectively removes 99.97% of particles from the environment that are 0.3 microns and larger thanks to HEPA filtration. This includes the elimination of asthma-inducing particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust, dust mites, and more. Plus, the Nilfisk GM80 vacuum cleaner features a bagged design, which means that once airborne contaminants are captured, they are permanently locked away from the air that you breathe. This Nilfisk vacuum also comes with 6.5-foot tapered plastic hose, a curved steel tube, a six-inch cone attachment, a 3-inch dust brush, a 5-inch upholstery nozzle, two straight steel wands, and a 3-in-1 floor nozzle to make sure that all of your surfaces are sparkling clean.
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Asthma Inhalers Go Green, Get More Expensive

CBS News reports that, by the end of this year, 22 million asthmatic Americans will have to throw out their CFC inhalers for new, ozone-friendly HFA inhalers.

CFC inhalers use chlorofluorocarbons to propel the medicine; however, CFCs also damage the planet’s protective ozone layer. Beginning December 31, 2008, CFC inhalers will no longer be manufactured or sold in the United States.

If you have asthma, please note that the new HFA inhalers will not work exactly the same as the old CFC inhalers. HFA inhalers may taste and feel different; for instance, the spray may feel softer. Also, most HFA inhalers require more cleaning and care to prevent clogs, and shelf life is shorter for some of the new inhalers. Continue reading…

Endotoxins in Dust – Asthma Triggers

It turns out that dust mites, mold, and pet dander are not the only allergens in houshold dust…

New research reveals that endotoxins produced by bacteria in dust can inflame airways and trigger asthma, according to ScienceDaily.

What are endotoxins?

Peter Thorne, environmental toxicologist at the University of Iowa explains, “If you think of a bacterium as an orange, the endotoxin is the material that makes up the peel. It’s the outer layer. And this becomes shed from bacteria, and it’s everywhere in the environment.

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