Save Up to $200 on Blueair Air Purifiers

Blueair air purifiers For those of you in the market for a new air purifier, have I got great news! We have unveiled a month-long sale on Blueair air purifiers, renowned for their effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and attractive designs. Through August 15th, every Blueair air purifier we offer now ranges from $50 to $200 off the original price.

One of the first qualities you’ll notice about Blueair purifiers is their sturdy, modern designs. That sleek appearance is the result of an award-winning Swedish aesthetic and resilient steel housing that is both environmentally-safe and smooth to the touch.  Plus, every Blueair air purifier is 100% recyclable and never releases ozone or off-gasses harmful chemicals. (That means you can breathe easier knowing that these air cleaners won’t be sitting in a landfill for the next 1,000 years refusing to decompose.) This is definitely not a product I’d be ashamed to have sitting right in my living room for everyone to see.

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Introducing 5 New Blueair Air Purifiers

Blueair 403 Air PurifierSwedish manufacturer Blueair certainly has you covered, now that it has added five new manual models—spanning a range of room sizes—to its brood of allergen-zapping and smoke-stopping air cleaners. The newest Blueair air purifiers are the 203, 303, 403, 503, and 603 models. The smallest unit, the Blueair 203, covers a space of about 175 sq. ft., and the largest, the Blueair 603, cleans an area of 640 sq. ft.

Each new air purifier is equipped with Blueair’s patented HEPASilent Technology, which performs both mechanical and electrostatic filtration to achieve an extremely high efficiency of 99.97% of particles sized down to 0.1 microns. That’s actually better filtration performance than True HEPA units, which remove the same percentage of particles down to 0.3 microns. Moreover, each unit received exceptionally high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) scores for tobacco smoke, pollen, and dust.
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Blueair Air Purifiers: Marrying Functionality and Style

There’s just something about an air purifier and home décor that often doesn’t mix.

My mom, an avid decorator, has been navigating this issue for years now, ever since my dad began using an air cleaner in their bedroom to help control his asthma symptoms at night. On my visits home, I’d notice that the air purifier was never in plain sight in their traditionally decorated bedroom. Sometimes it was covered with a pretty piece of linen and made into a makeshift table until it needed to be turned on. Other times, it was conveniently stored behind an armoire or put back in the box and pushed into the closet by day. Anything to get that ugly piece of machinery out of sight!

What’s my point? No matter what your decorating style is, a big bulky air purifier in a less-than-desirable hue can quickly put a damper on any room’s décor.

Taking note of this problem, the folks at Blueair offer a nice switch for those of you who, like my mom, want to maintain your beautiful room décor while reaping the health benefits of a powerful air purifier. Aside from delivering effective allergen and particle filtration, models in the award-winning Blueair air purifier series feature streamlined designs that are meant to blend in with almost any décor and cut down on those “Gosh, that thing is ugly!” reactions. Continue reading…

Blueair E Series Air Purifiers

Blueair air cleanersBlueair has expanded its line of E series air purifiers to introduce some of the most sophisticated machines on the market.

Blueair e-series air cleaners feature a digital display that actually shows you the level of pollution in the air (thanks to built-in particle counters)! The intelligent air purifiers also come with remote controls for your convenience.

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