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Miele S8 Canister Vacuums: The Next Generation of Cleaning

Posted by Tony on March 12th, 2013

Miele S8 Series Vacuums Banner

A cleaning revolution may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s exactly what Miele has created. Their new S8 line of canister vacuums are packed with extras and leading the charge in changing how we clean our homes.

I was lucky enough to chat with a Miele rep about these “next generation” vacuums. I really only had 2 questions: What makes one S8 model different from the others? And who should buy each one? I’ll share what I learned, but let’s run through the premium features they all share first. These vacuums filter air better than most canister vacuums, and they’re the lightest and quietest vacuums Miele has ever created. All Miele S8 vacuums include:

  • Parquet Twister Floor Tool: All S8 models come with this floor tool, which is air-driven and perfect for smooth floors.
  • AirClean Sealed System: It’s one thing to vacuum up dust, allergens, and other particles, but this sealed system ensures it stays in the vacuum’s bag and out of your indoor environment.
  • One-Touch Controls: No wrapping a cord, holding down a button, or even bending over. Simply touch a button with your foot to rewind the cord automatically or turn the vacuum on and off.
  • 6 Suction Settings: Different surfaces have various heights and textures; these settings let you control how much suction you use. For example, you’d use much more suction on high-pile carpet than when cleaning upholstery.
  • Onboard Accessories: Easy to find and store, use these for cleaning furniture, upholstery, and various other areas of your home. See which Miele S8 vacuum is best for you!

Make Your Holidays Sparkle with a New Miele S6 Series Vacuum

Posted by Diamond on December 16th, 2011

Miele S6270 TopazJust in time for a last minute gift idea or wish list item, a new line of Miele vacuums is available at Sylvane. Rated highly by leading consumer reporting agencies, Miele vacuum cleaners are known for their easy steering and exceptional filtration.

I had the chance to see each S6 model up close and I must say they totally live up to the German manufacturer’s superior standard. Designed to replace the S4 line, Miele S6 vacuums are equipped with the same powerful suction and quiet performance with the added touch of swanky finishing and ultra-compact packaging.

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