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Now Available: A Speedier Water Filter Pitcher

Posted by Ashley on June 19th, 2009

Clear2O Original Water PitcherDrip…drip…drip. Does this situation sound familiar? You open your refrigerator, longing for a tall glass of clean water – only to be met with an empty water filter pitcher. Now, you’re going to have to refill it and wait for what seems like an eternity while your tap water slowly drips through the purifying filter before it’s ready to drink.

Drip…drip…annoying drip.

Well guess what? The time you have to wait for that satisfying glass of agua has been drastically reduced with the Clear2O Original Water Pitcher. Nabbing a 2007 “Good Buy” award from Good Housekeeping magazine, the Clear2O water filter pitcher puts clean, contaminant-free water at your fingertips in a record time of 34 seconds.
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