November Air Quality Evangelists

Each month we feature Air Quality Evangelists who offer helpful information to people regarding the importance of air quality. These Evangelists make clean air (and a healthy environment) a priority in their lives. We appreciate the information they provide, so let’s hear from November’s winners who discuss everything from allergies to reducing toxins in your home.

Scientific American Blog Network – Observations

If you haven’t heard of the Scientific American, then you’re one of the few. It’s read in print by nearly 4 million people a year and has long been a leading source for science, technology, and policy information.

Last July it launched the Scientific American Blog Network, which has quickly become the go-to hub for various editorial, community, and opinion blogs. Their wide range of topics include Energy & Sustainability, Health, Evolution, and Technology. “Observations” posts feature opinions and analysis from Scientific American editors.

Winning Post

Warmer weather is increasing pollen counts across the country, and this winning “Observations” post analyzes research about climate change and its influence on seasonal allergies. Research suggests allergy issues increase significantly with climate change and will only get worse moving forward. Allergy season will start earlier and affect a larger segment of the population, so review the findings and what they mean for you. Continue reading…

Why You Should Invest in a Whynter AC

whynter-14000btu-arc-14s-mdWhynter is known for having some of the most eco-friendly portable air conditioners on the market. Their features aren’t just good for the environment: They save money and make your life easier. Combining efficient designs with powerful cooling and convenient features make Whynter ACs a top choice for our customers.

Whynter’s “Go Green” Mission

Whynter Eco FriendlyWhynter does their part to preserve the environment’s natural resources. Their mission to “Go Green” means that all Whynter models use the eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant, meet RoHS standards, and consume less energy than comparable portable ACs.

Continue reading…

Eco-Friendly Products for Earth Day

Today, millions of people across the globe are celebrating Earth Day. In honor of this nearly 40-year-old celebration, I pose this question to you: Do you know your carbon footprint? Thanks to the Earth Day Network, I know mine. I calculated it using their Ecological Footprint Calculator, and I’m a tad embarrassed to report these results. If everyone on Earth lived exactly as I do currently, it would take 4.9 Planet Earths to provide enough resources to sustain our daily lifestyle. What?!

Here I thought I was doing as much as I realistically could to help our environment. I recycle what can be recycled; I shop with reusable bags; I light my home with compact fluorescent lights; and I’ve started composting. And yet, these actions, while helpful, don’t seem to be enough. I – we – could be doing so much more.

At Sylvane, we try to do more every day. For example, we work hard to adopt greener habits around the office. Along with using recycled product cartons and recyclable shipping boxes, we use 100% biodegradable packing peanuts when packaging our products. We feverishly recycle everyday trash, turn off lights when they’re not needed, and use plant-based cleaners.

We also strive to pack eco-friendly solutions into our product catalog. New this week are a line of Earth-conscious Blueair air purifiers, including the 203, 270E, 303, 403, 503, and 603 models. Here are some additional products that can help to reduce our collective carbon footprint: Continue reading…