20% Off Fans and Air Conditioners Sale Kicks Off Summer Fun!

It may feel like it’s been summer for a while now (it certainly has here in Atlanta), but summer didn’t officially start until today. To celebrate the season, we’re offering a 20% off Cooling Sale! Several popular brands of air conditioners, fans, and evaporative coolers are on sale, so you can enjoy summer instead of sweating through it.

Here are a few products you’ll find 20% off at Sylvane.com through Sunday, July 8, 2012:

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Essick Air Humidifiers Review

The weather is just beginning to get cooler, and big box stores are already lining their shelves with humidifiers. These machines not only soothe dry skin and dry sinuses, but they also make winter air feel warmer and more comfortable (which saves money on heating bills). The problem with many of the inexpensive humidifiers in big box stores is that they emit “white dust” into the air; this dust comes from minerals in the water. Essick Air humidifiers, on the other hand, do not produce white dust because of their patented evaporative technology.

Essick Air humidifiers (formerly known as Bemis humidifiers) contain a wick that allows the water to naturally evaporate into the air. A wick filter retains any minerals in the water so that only pure water vapor goes into your air. Continue reading…