Port-A-Cool Swamp Coolers Keep Our Military Cool

Very hot. An intense dry heat. Like an oven. Imagine holding your face in the heat of the oven until you absolutely have to turn away. That’s what it was like over there.

This is how my husband described the heat in the summer of 2007 in Baghdad when I asked him to recount it for me a few days ago. I still haven’t tried the oven test yet, but I get the point. Not fun!

During his deployment, I had to stop myself from complaining about the Georgia heat. It was nothing compared to Iraq where temps were regularly 110 or higher. In one of his care packages, I included everything I could think of to help him stay cool—a personal fan he could wear around his neck, a cooling bandana, a beach towel for the pool (yes, there was a pool!), even squirt guns to bum around with during his downtime. If I could’ve shipped him a swamp cooler without customs eyeing me suspiciously, I would have.

Port-A-Cool swamp coolersI didn’t know at the time, but our troops in the Middle East already keep cool using evaporative coolers.  In fact, Texas-based Port-A-Cool, a leading manufacturer of residential- and industrial-grade evaporative coolers, has provided these solutions to our military for over 20 years.

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