LeadCheck Testing Kit Equals Peace of Mind for Your Family’s Health

LeadCheck Lead Test KitIf you were to ask me what I knew about lead a few days ago, I wouldn’t have had much of an answer for you. In fact, I probably would have unsurely stated “I know it’s supposed to be bad for you?” And then regaled you with the story of how my sweet grandmother still has her entire collection of vintage Fiestaware, which yes, is rumored to be bathed in a lead-ridden glaze. The pieces are lovely, and unfortunately, also lead hazards, so they are currently living in boxes.

But a lot changes in a few days. And with the addition of our new EPA-approved LeadCheck Lead Test Kit, I know a lot more about the dangers of lead exposure and lead poisoning. I also know how easy it is now to test your home’s surfaces for this dangerous toxin with an inexpensive allergen test kit like this one. That way, you’ll know when to take action to prevent serious health effects in you and your family.

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