Best Server Room Air Conditioner: Movincool Office Pro

Movincool portable air conditionersThe Internet sure does produce a lot of heat!

If you’re building a new computer server room or expanding or upgrading an existing one, you’ll likely need some extra cooling power. As servers work harder, they produce more heat, which can easily overwhelm a building’s HVAC system and damage sensitive equipment. To combat this problem, most server room technicians invest in portable air conditioners.

A portable air conditioner, or spot cooler, is the best choice for server rooms because it doesn’t have to be permanently installed. If your company moves, it’s easy to take the air conditioner with you. Also, you can move them around to spot cool specific servers. Continue reading…

The Best Portable Air Conditioners

best portable air conditionersConsumerSearch recently released its guide to the best portable air conditioners, and I’m excited to report the results. But first, let’s review the basics:

What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

Portable air conditioners, also known as spot coolers or sometimes swamp coolers, can be moved from room to room to cool and dehumidify the air. They are freestanding, mobile, and convenient – ideal for apartments and other locations where you cannot install a window unit. Continue reading…