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An Air Purifier That is Earth-Conscious

Posted by Ashley on December 23rd, 2008

Alen Paralda Air PurifierLet’s see. Reusable shopping bags? Check. Compact fluorescent light bulbs? Got ‘em. Compost bin? Yup. Low-flow showerhead? Check. Hybrid car? I’m working on it. An environmentally friendly air purifier? Wait, is that even available? It is now.

The Alen Paralda HEPA Air Purifier is the first and only certified green air cleaner available in the U.S. Taking its name from the ancient elemental king of air, the Paralda helps you stay healthy by filtering out almost 100% of harmful allergens and particles using a HEPA filter. At the same time, the Energy Star-qualified unit helps you reduce your carbon footprint and save money on monthly power bills by using less energy than a standard 60-watt light bulb. Continue reading

Coming Soon: The World’s Smartest Heater

Posted by John on November 16th, 2008

Vornado TouchStone Vortex HeatersI’ve encountered a few semi-intelligent heaters – but none as smart as the Vornado TVH600 TouchStone Vortex Heater.

What makes it the world’s smartest heater?

While other smart heaters may be able to sense the room temperature, their sensors are located on the heating unit itself; of course, the space surrounding the heater will be warmer than the rest of the room. The Vornado TouchStone Vortex Heater takes this into account: its temperature sensor is located on the remote control for a truly intelligent reading! Continue reading

AllerSoft Bedding Reviews

Posted by John on November 15th, 2008

There’s nothing like climbing onto a bed made with fresh, clean sheets. Ahhh. But don’t get too comfortable yet: unless you have impervious covers on your mattress and pillows, those clean sheets will soon be covered with thousands or even millions of dust mites.

If you have allergies or asthma, you’re probably already familiar with dust mites. For those of you who are not, these microscopic arachnids commonly live within the fibers of beds, furniture, and carpets. Their waste matter is a powerful allergen. Up to 80 percent of allergy sufferers are sensitive to dust mite allergen! Continue reading

Top Five Space Heaters

Posted by John on November 11th, 2008


A good space heater is the best way to keep warm and toasty all winter without sending your heating bills through the roof. Portable heaters give you extra heat right where you need it – safely and efficiently.

Here’s our list of the top five space heaters for Winter 2008: Continue reading

Apollo goLITE BLU Review

Posted by John on November 7th, 2008

Apollo goLITE BLUAre the winter blues getting to you? If so, there’s a new, easy way to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD): the Apollo goLITE BLU.

As you can see, this light therapy box is extremely small and portable.

Use it at the breakfast table or in the bathroom.

Or, if you don’t have time for a morning treatment, toss it into your bag and take it to the office! It comes with a protective case for traveling. Continue reading

Alen Air Purifier Reviews

Posted by John on November 2nd, 2008

Alen A350 Air PurifierThe Alen A350 air cleaner has been flying off the shelves since it won the Best Value award from ConsumerSearch. Ranking behind only the IQAir HealthPro in performance, the Alen A350 “removes nearly as many allergens from the air” and is “also a little quieter” than the HealthPro; both air purifiers feature true HEPA filtration plus carbon filters for odors and chemicals. While ConsumerSearch says that the HealthPro is the best air purifier you can buy, “the Alen A350 air purifier comes close for a lot less.” Continue reading

Vornado Humidifier Reviews

Posted by John on October 26th, 2008

vornado humidifierVornado humidifiers not only make your environment healthier and more comfortable, but they also help to lower your heating bill (moreso than other humidifiers).

If you’ve used a Vornado fan or heater, then you’re familiar with the vornado fan technology; that’s the secret behind the efficiency of these humidifiers. Vornado humidifiers even out a room’s temperature by recovering and re-circulating lost heat from the ceiling. Once moisture is added to the dry, winter air, the air feels warmer and holds onto heat better. Continue reading

DeLonghi Ceramic Heater Reviews

Posted by John on October 22nd, 2008

DeLonghi ceramic heaterIf you’re looking for a small, safe, reliable space heater that evenly heats a room, then you’ll love the ceramic space heaters from DeLonghi. These value-priced heaters oscillate from left to right and feature electronic control panels as well as tip-over and overheat protection.

How do ceramic heaters work?

Ceramic heaters contain ceramic plates and aluminum baffling. Electricity heats up the ceramic plates. The heat is then absorbed by the aluminum and blown into the room with a fan. Ceramic heaters are small and portable, and even though they heat up quickly, their plastic encasings remain cool to the touch. Continue reading

Nilfisk Backpack Vacuum Review

Posted by John on October 17th, 2008

Nifisk backuumsIn the home, a backpack vacuum, or “backuum,” is not necessary (unless you happen to live in an enormous mansion). However, the backpack vacuum is ideal for industrial vacuum jobs in which you have to clean large areas as quickly as possible. Built for speed and efficiency, the Nilfisk GD10 Backpack vacuum boosts cleaning productivity by up to 30%.

Ergonomically designed and weighing in at just over 10 pounds, the backuum is very comfortable. You won’t even notice the canister on your back. In fact, the backuum actually helps to alleviate back strain and pain because it eliminates repetitive bending over. The Nilfisk backuum allows you to stand up straighter and work faster. And since you’re not dragging a canister behind you, there’s less chance of causing an accident in the workplace.

Continue reading

DeLonghi Vento TRV0715T Heater Review

Posted by John on October 11th, 2008

DeLonghi Vento HeatersThe DeLonghi TRV0715T Vento heater is, in my opinion, the best oil-filled radiator heater on the market. It’s also our best-selling heater so far this season because of its value price and its ability to heat a room 40% faster than traditional oil-filled radiator heaters. Continue reading

Blueair E Series Air Purifiers

Posted by John on October 5th, 2008

Blueair air cleanersBlueair has expanded its line of E series air purifiers to introduce some of the most sophisticated machines on the market.

Blueair e-series air cleaners feature a digital display that actually shows you the level of pollution in the air (thanks to built-in particle counters)! The intelligent air purifiers also come with remote controls for your convenience.

Blueair air purifiersAll Blueair E series air purifiers are also Energy Star rated. Continue reading

Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT Dehumidifier Review

Posted by John on October 1st, 2008

Santa Fe Max Dry dehumidifiersAt first glance, the massive Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT dehumidifier may look like a mummification chamber that you might find in Michael Jackson’s basement – but it’s not as big as it looks in the online photo. At just over three feet in length, it actually has a rather small footprint, especially when you consider its dehumidifying power. Intended for crawlspaces and large basements, the Santa Fe Max Dry covers 3,600 square feet and can remove 155 pints of moisture per day (and 310 pints at complete saturation).

Even though it’s one of the most powerful dehumidifiers on the market, the Max Dry Dual XT features an Energy Star rating. To get the same effect with off-the-shelf units, you’d have to plug in four or five of them – and use four or five times as much electricity! Continue reading

DeLonghi Heater Reviews

Posted by John on September 26th, 2008

DeLonghi Mica HeatersI don’t always agree with reviews from ConsumerSearch, but in this case, I agree that the DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater deserves the title of best space heater. This sleek, lightweight heater uses the mineral mica as a heating element, and it’s the best option for heating a room evenly, quickly, and safely. Continue reading

Essick Air Humidifiers Review

Posted by John on September 21st, 2008

The weather is just beginning to get cooler, and big box stores are already lining their shelves with humidifiers. These machines not only soothe dry skin and dry sinuses, but they also make winter air feel warmer and more comfortable (which saves money on heating bills). The problem with many of the inexpensive humidifiers in big box stores is that they emit “white dust” into the air; this dust comes from minerals in the water. Essick Air humidifiers, on the other hand, do not produce white dust because of their patented evaporative technology.

Essick Air humidifiers (formerly known as Bemis humidifiers) contain a wick that allows the water to naturally evaporate into the air. A wick filter retains any minerals in the water so that only pure water vapor goes into your air. Continue reading

Crescent Moon Bedding Review

Posted by John on September 7th, 2008

Crescent Moon specializes in the manufacture of bedding from alpaca wool. Alpaca wool, compared to sheep wool, is lighter, warmer, cleaner, and stronger. Because alpaca wool is naturally porous, it absorbs more moisture than sheep wool, thus creating a drier environment that discourages the growth of allergens.

Furthermore, the alpacas are raised in totally organic environments – free of pesticides and chemicals. The wool is also free of chemicals like dyes and bleaches. This means the bedding is healthier for you and the environment.

Let’s quickly review the Crescent Moon bedding line:

crescent moon pillow coversCrescent Moon Pillow CoversNEW! These protective pillow covers zip up to block dust mites from invading your pillow; more important, they block allergenic dust mite feces from escaping into the air. If you suffer from dust allergies, a simple pillow cover could eliminate your symptoms. Continue reading