Tackle Dry Winter Air with These Top-Rated Sylvane Humidifiers

Sunpentown SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual Mist HumidifierWhether it comes from a roaring, rustic fire or your dependable central heating system, nothing is quite as comforting during the chilly winter months as walking into your home and being enveloped in warmth. For all of the comfort that a warm home provides, it removes a crucial element of your healthy indoor environment—moisture. Adding a humidifier to your area can restore proper moisture levels to your home as well as re-ignite your comfort.

Along with creating a generally uncomfortable environment, parched indoor air can lead to chapped lips, dry and itchy skin, irritated sinuses, upper respiratory problems, and more. It can also cause structural damage to your home and furnishings by causing wood to crack. To protect yourself and your home, take advantage of one of these top-rated Sylvane humidifiers, recently recognized by a leading consumer reporting agency. Continue reading…

Choosing a Personal Fan for the Office

Keep Your Office Space Comfortable with a FanPrior to finding my home at Sylvane, I have worked in lots of business environments—from small start-up companies to large corporate offices. While my experiences at these companies vary widely, there was one constant—employees always had different opinions regarding a comfortable office temperature.

People on the cold end of the temperature spectrum can typically keep a sweater at work or use a personal heater to achieve a more comfortable work environment. However, if your work area is too warm, this can be a difficult situation. One of the best remedies for this situation is a personal fan.
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New Window Air Conditioners From Sylvane

Sunpentown WA-8291S Window Air Conditioner The summer of 2009 has officially begun. To help increase your comfort level this season, we have introduced another option for weathering those toasty – and often unforgiving – temperatures. Along with our wide variety of freestanding portable air conditioners, we offer a great selection of highly efficient and economical window air conditioners.

Window AC units are room air conditioners designed to cool areas in your home, office, or business evenly and comfortably. These self-contained appliances are most often installed inside standard double-hung windows, but some units can be configured to install through a wall if you don’t have a window available.
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