Tailgating Heaters & Tips to Stay Warm

TailgatingFootball season is a great time of year. In many parts of the country, people say it’s their favorite time of the year. Football season means friends, family, nostalgia, and of course tailgating.

After hosting and attending at least a hundred tailgates in my life, I’ve seen it all. Sports fanatics all around the country debate and argue that their way of tailgating is the best. But there’s one thing that all tailgaters can agree on: It gets cold in the winter! Especially when you spend hours at a time outside before and after the big game.

To combat the frigid conditions, tailgaters have sought many different ways to stay warm throughout the day. From blankets to portable heaters, anything that helps keep us warm seems like a necessity. But some things we use can actually be hurting us more than they are helping.

Open FlameOne widely used source of warmth is homemade fire pits. These are harmful to your air quality and can be physically unsafe for unsuspecting guests. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way and have the burnt pants to prove it.

Luckily there are healthier and safer alternatives to open flames:

Endless Summer’s Portable Patio Heater is a great healthy way to stay warm at your tailgate. It easily warms up to 10 feet around the heater and offers tilt protection. And most importantly for tailgating, it doesn’t require electricity—so you can bring it anywhere!

Portable HeaterIf you’re a self-proclaimed professional tailgater (not unlike myself), you have access to electricity, most commonly from a generator. If you fit into this category, you have a lot more options in terms of heaters. One of the best and most portable heaters that we’ve used at our tailgate party is the QMark Fahrenheat MMHD1502T Portable Utility Heater. This heater works great to warm up the whole tailgating area while not using up too much power on your generator (only needing 12.5 amps of power on its highest setting). It’s also lightweight and provides a wide range of heat levels and settings to keep any tailgate warm this football season.

No matter where you live in the country, tailgating is a big part of the culture. Do you have any experiences with or suggestions about tailgating in the cold? Feel free to share in the Comments section below! Happy Tailgating!

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  1. Jenna W.

    Hope you didn’t get too cold watching that Georgia Carolina game this weekend, Ryan! :)

  2. Ryan

    Nope, I was good, thanks!

  3. Monica

    My family tailgates at Falcon games…this is a great idea for staying warm in the fall and winter. Thanks for the great tips.

  4. Kylie

    Great information for the football fanatic, go Dawgs!

  5. Joan Price

    This is a fantastic idea. My husband will love it! We’ve used heaters in our garage and patio, but for some reason, we never thought to use it for tailgating. Thanks for the advice. Good luck to your teams!

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