Target Allergens to Help Your Baby Rest More Comfortably

Baby SleepingRestful sleep is one of the most important elements in your baby’s healthy development. Two simple ways to ensure that your baby gets the best sleep possible are by testing your nursery air for irritants using a test kit from IndoorAirTest and using naturally hypoallergenic Kumi Kookoon nursery bedding.

IndoorAirTest Test Your Nest Test KitIndoorAirTest offers a wide variety of do-it-yourself test kits that allow you to quickly and easily survey your air for multiple contaminants, including formaldehyde, fiberglass, mold, dust mites, organic vapors, and more. The Test Your Nest screening kit was designed specifically for testing the air quality in your baby’s nursery. It comes with an easy-to-use professional sample collection device and simple instructions to help you test your nursery for the following contaminants: airborne molds, pollen, fiberglass, insect biodetritus, surface molds, formaldehyde, and more than 80 common household chemicals.

Once you have collected the sample, mail the collection badge to Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory using the pre-addressed envelope included with the kit. Upon receiving the collection sample, a professional report detailing the contaminants in your indoor air will be returned to you within 7 to 10 business days. And of course, all lab fees are included in the test kit price.

After finding out the results of the test, naturally, you will want to start eliminating and reducing the presence of those irritants in your baby’s air by cleaning the nursery surfaces with a vacuum or steam cleaner and filtering the air with an air purifier. However, don’t overlook your baby’s bed, since he or she could be sharing a crib with dust, dust mites, and a host of other allergens.

Kumi Kookoon Baby ComforterA great way to make sure that Baby doesn’t have any unwelcome bedfellows is by snuggling your baby with a Kumi Kookoon Baby Throw. Made from charmeuse silk, this high-quality nursery bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and repels dust, dust mites, mildew, moisture, and odors. Plus, since silk bedding creates a dry environment, it allows your baby to achieve even more restful sleep without being bothered or awakened by moist, uncomfortable bedding.

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