Tips to Stay Warm, Despite Record-Setting Winter Lows

When the frigid weather, compliments of a polar vortex, rolled in, I was in a mountain cabin and terrified. That’s right, terrified. This Southern girl wanted to get away from the cold, wind, and snowfall as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, when I arrived home to my beloved bungalow, I had more winter weather worries. While my home has endless amounts of character and charm, it can often be short on warmth during the winter.

Immediately I started researching ways to keep my home warm and found this great news report from Little Rock’s THV 11. This video offers five solid methods for keeping homes warm—because even after the Polar Vortex moved through, there’s no denying this winter is a bitterly cold one. For my needs, the best suggestion was the addition of a space heater. I found that even after changing my filter and adding draft busters under my doors, my home still felt cold, but a space heater in my bedroom and one in the bathroom (it keeps the tile warm!) made all of the difference. Best of all, these simple additions and updates have allowed me to keep my thermostat at a reasonable level, which wasn’t the case last winter.

Don’t wait for Mother Nature to throw another curveball this winter. Check out the original THV 11 newscast for more winter home preparedness tips.

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